Most men are reluctant to admit but, yes, women are not the only ones who want to tighten up their glute muscles and look good in a pair of jeans. We’ve all seen the cheesy workout video from the 90’s and were definitely not recommending that you bust out the Speedo or go Richard Simmons...

The Benefits of a Jump Squats Workout

When it comes to getting bigger, stronger, and more agile, many people believe that the only way to achieve these feats, is to lift heavy weights all day long, and then go do some hill sprints or something similar, to finish up your workouts. They think that the absolute last thing they should be...

Fat Burning Slide Board Workout

A lot of guys have probably seen the slide board on the floor of their gym and passed it up for something more traditional like free weights. A lot of people actually don’t know how to utilize this device but no worries, here are some solid slide board exercises anyone can perform. You can...

Reasons why Extreme Confidence Breeds Success

Let’s face it, in life, no matter what  it is that we do, many of us will probably have one goal in mind, and that is to be as successful as we can possibly be. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in your job, in your career, as part of your own business, or in...

Common Bad Habits and How to Break Them

We’ve all got a bad habit or two that aren’t so good for us and can oftentimes be an annoyance for other people. There is a reason that they’re called bad habits and for many people those habits have been around for years, proving very difficult to break. The first step to breaking them...

Natural Seaweed Skin Benefits

No guys, seaweed isn’t just a slimy nasty green weed that grows in the ocean just to get tangled up on your leg while you are swimming, it is actually really good for you. In fact, seaweed skin benefits are tied to one of it's greatest attributes. Sound crazy? Well, seaweed is coming to...

The Do's and Don’ts of Body Hair for Men

Manscaping has in recent years become more common as what was once acceptable for women only gets a male seal of approval from the masses. However, some men take manscaping to a whole new level removing so much body hair that the women in their lives might find it a little funny or unattractive....

Women & Dating
Weird Penis Facts You Didn't Know

Men get a bad rep for spending too much time thinking, talking, and fantasizing about their penis. How big it is, its curvature, and how often you get to use it are probably the only things you really know about your manhood. Today, we hope to change things up a bit and give you...

Four Ways To Make First Time Sex Mind Blowing

Having sex for the first time with a partner can oftentimes make or break a relationship because no matter how much chemistry you have outside of the bedroom if you are compatible under the sheets everything else just doesn’t mesh quite as well as it should. First time sex is all about engaging your...

The Flexitarian Diet – Everything you Need to Know

Losing weight and getting in shape is difficult at the best of times, but when you’re stuck on a diet in which you’re constantly hungry and are forced to eat foods you don’t enjoy eating, the entire experience can become pretty nightmarish if truth be told. Unfortunately, many of the foods we enjoy eating...

Vitamin D and Aging

Did you know that roughly 2000 to 3000 of the genes in our body are either dependent on or effected by vitamin D? As far as aging goes, it’s an important fact to know. The health of our genes is directly related to how aggressively (or how “well” we age). Every cell in our...

The Sports Beat
Top 10 Strength Sports

There is always an on-going debate about strength sports and which of them require the most strength for the professional athletes who compete in them. Below is a list of the top 10 most strength orientated sports which has been listed by an expert panel from ESPN. Before we look at the list it...

How to Get a Golf Workout

A great golf game can do a lot of things from helping you to unwind after a stressful week to helping you secure a business deal in a less “business type” setting, but for the most part it isn’t exactly a great workout unless you take the time to make it one. If you’re...