As far as overall health and fitness is concerned, you simply cannot overlook regular physical exercise in conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet in order to yield optimal results. Working out should be a fun and enjoyable activity and pastime that you actually look forward to, rather than dread. The great thing about...

Importance of the Muscle “Pump”

You know that feeling when your biceps are engorged after a burnout set and they look like they are five inches bigger in circumference when you arrived? You know when your arms have become so tight and vascular and locked stiff they feel like they may never be able to return to a completely...

Get Moving with Calisthenic Exercise

Enthusiasts who my be financially unable to afford the monthly or yearly subscription to the local gym, or is required to travel excessively due to the nature of the job occasionally will be forced to train without the benefits of accessible weights. Luckily there are a few exercise routines which can be performed almost...

How to Pack the Perfect Carry on Luggage

Traveling is stressful. You have to make sure you get to the airport on time, pack everything you need, and follow the rules of the airline. But if you are going for a short trip and really only need a few items, you can get away with carry on luggage and eliminate the stress...

Bar Tricks to Get a Buddy to Pay for Your Drinks

Feel like going out tonight, but haven’t got the funds to pay for your drinks? If you’re skilled enough and can bluff your way through a few bar tricks, you can get a buddy to pay for them for you. Are you up to the challenge? Here are 4 tricks to get a buddy...

Ingrown Hairs Be Gone

For men who shave regularly ingrown hairs can be an unsightly, painful, itchy part of life. Ingrown hairs happen when closely shaved hair curls back and gets trapped under your skin. From there the ingrown hair causes an infection that swells up with pus and creates small bumps. If you are prone to ingrowns you...

Fashion Tips for the Fashion Challenged Man

Sometimes men can find fashion a challenge whether or not they have an active part in putting together clothes for work and socializing or not. Unless you’re a metrosexual man with an eye for fashion and style, a few fashion tips may be just what you need to start looking good no matter where...

Women & Dating
Secrets Women Keep from Men

When it comes to women there are a lot things that they won’t tell you. Women are that elusive and secretive entity that men spend their whole lives trying to figure out and even at the end of their journey are still as confused as they were when they started. Did you ever want...

Best Places to Meet Women

By now you have likely realized that ‘the bar’ is not the best place to meet women. Contrary to what you see on television and in the movies, not many relationships actually start out in a pub or a bar. A recent survey suggests that as few as 20% of adult relationships began after...

Losing Fat with a Herbal Fat Burner

When it comes to weight loss sometimes all you need are mother nature’s gifts. The foundation of most medicine comes from herbs and the chemical compounds held within and it is for that reason herbal fat burners are so popular. Here are few effective and completely natural herbal fat burners that have proven themselves to help speed...

Post Gym Meal Ideas

A lot of people say being in great shape is 20% your workouts and 80% your diet. A lot of people would be right or pretty close to it. After you are finished getting in excellent pumps at the gym make sure to give your body the proper nourishment it needs to replenish your...

The Sports Beat
MLB Postseason Awards Handed Out; Clayton Kershaw Completes Rare Sweep (Photo Gary A. Vasquez/ Presswire)

The final postseason awards for the 2014 Major League Baseball season were handed out this week and the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw completed a sweep of the National League Cy Young and the NL’s Most Valuable Player Awards. It was Kershaw’s third Cy Young Award in the past four seasons. Kershaw also becomes...

Lakers Point Guard Steve Nash Gets Himself Into Hot Water

When a video of Steve Nash appeared on Instagram early last week, it was not what Lakers fans wanted to see. The 40-year-old point guard, who will miss the entire 2014-15 season with a back injury, was seen driving golf balls. Laker fans everywhere, and the NBA community as well, wondered why Nash, who...