Any athlete or fitness fanatic will tell you that the foundation of getting any results from your workouts happens in the kitchen. You need to be eating correctly and drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day if you want to get results from your hard workouts. With that out of the way...

How to Get Started Training at Home

There are many advantages of training at home but there are many gym goers who feel that they have to stick to the hassle of going to the gym in order to get results, which is not true at all. We will be discussing the reasons why this is not true and how to...

The D-Line Workout

Because we’re excited about football season, and because many of the rest of you are too, we wanted to provide a bit of extra insight into some of the most finely tuned athletes on the field – the defensive line. Sure, the offense gets all the glory, because they’re usually the ones responsible for...

The Sports Beat
Domestic Violence Has The NFL Under Fire (photo Sam Sharpe USA Today)

The Carolina Panthers defeated the Detroit Lions, 24-7, Sunday afternoon at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. The Minnesota Vikings were blown out by the New England Patriots on Sunday. They were two of 16 NFL games this weekend. They are noteworthy for a pair of players who did not step on the field...

The First Week Of The 2014 NFL Season Delivers (photo Mike DiNovo USAToday)

The first week of the 2014 NFL season began with defending Super Bowl champion Seattle leaving no doubt that they are still the team to beat and featured a few Sunday surprises. After a Mason Crosby field 23-yard field goal tied Green Bay with the defending champs, the Seahawks flexed their muscle again and...

Sleep Like a Baby Again

Do you remember having any sleep problems when you were a kid? Few people do… because the most common sleep complaints like insomnia or wakefulness don’t appear until we reach the age of 30. Some people believe it’s “normal” to not get a good nights’ sleep, or that adults don’t need as much sleep...

How to Pair Wine with Food

Some things in life are just meant to be, and go together hand in hand with one another (metaphorically speaking of course). Salt and pepper, eggs and bacon, garlic and ginger, and so on… Sometimes in life however, the pairings we come across aren’t quite as obvious and as plain to see as some...

Grooming Habits that Turn Women Off

It’s a given that some things more than others are going to be a turn off for women whether it is the way a man eats, how he styles his hair or something else. There are certain things that if they see, smell or hear about will cause an automatic turn off that make...

Prevent Hair Loss with Foods to Help Keep Your Hair Thick and Healthy

For many men as we get older there is the fear of having your hair slowly thin out and fall away, leaving a bald head that very few can pull off in a sexy way… we’re not all Bruce Willis after all. Luckily there are ways to help prevent hair loss and thinning of...

Women & Dating
The Right Way to Impress a Woman

Since the beginning of mankind’s short history, men have wondered how they can impress a potential partner and eventually end up in bed together. While much has been written on the topic, many men simply fail in their delivery or end up trying too hard to impress the object of their desire. Let’s end...

Weird Penis Facts You Didn't Know

Men get a bad rep for spending too much time thinking, talking, and fantasizing about their penis. How big it is, its curvature, and how often you get to use it are probably the only things you really know about your manhood. Today, we hope to change things up a bit and give you...

5 Food Additives to Remove from your Diet

The human race in general, is in a pretty bad way if truth be told. Worldwide obesity levels are now at record breaking highs, obesity is costing governments billions upon billions in health care every single year, and life expectancies are becoming shorter, rather than longer. People’s health is also suffering as a result...

Smart Eating Substitutions for Building Muscle

If you had the choice, which would you rather have? A flat pigeon chest with spaghetti arms and a flabby belly, or a six pack set of abs, a pumped up chest, and a set of 18 inch arms that look as if they’ve been sculpted out of granite? We’ll take a wild stab...