Although the development of a good set of chest muscles is something that is sought after by pretty much all men the knowledge that the average person has on this subject seems to be a little less than desired. But just like any muscle in your body the right exercises and training methods will...

The Muscle Fiber Destruction Workout

For the latest installment of our Intensity Techniques, we’ve decided to give a big shout out to Eric Broser who has built a truly dynamic and intense lifting program. He developed the very popular Power, Rep Range, Shock Training system (before it was cool to develop your own training system). A few years ago, his...

Cardio Workouts to Melt Away Fat

One of the most essential factors to maintaining a healthy body and physique is the maintaining of some good cardio workouts to increase the body's energy output, enhance the rate of metabolism, improve recovery and burn those excess calories to improve weight loss. Most conventional men in today's fitness industry will generally resort to...

How to Make Your Boss Like You

Your boss plays a big part in how successful you are in your current position as well as how successful you will be in future positions as well, making it vital that you at least get your boss to appreciate you if not like you. Trying to make your boss like you isn’t always as easy...

XYZ – Explore Your Zipline

You rode it at the playground as a kid—that squeaky, clunky contraption that promised to help you fly through the air. Didn’t matter that you often had to lurch like a contortionist to inch that playground zipline forward—you still felt like Superman, right? If the idea of flying thrilled you then, these grownup ziplines...

Ways Your Grooming Routine is Failing You

A man’s grooming routine is a testament to the care and effort he takes into looking good, smelling good and generally, being an awesome guy that others want to be like. However, what you may not know is that your grooming routine may not be as great or as through as you’d like and...

The Right Way to Camouflage Thinning Hair

Nearly two-thirds of all males will face thinning hair by the time they are 35. That means the majority of men will be balding once they hit their mid thirties. With all those men facing baldness a good portion of them are going to require some sort of short-term remedy to camouflage thinning hair until...

Women & Dating
Most Attractive things Men Do that Turn Women On

As men, the types of things that turn us on differ tremendously from the things that turn women on. A good body, nice hair, or even a great smile is enough to turn us on. But women are different. They require more subtle tactics to be turn on, and their tastes are unique to...

Outdoor Dating Ideas for Summer Time

You've been going out to dinner and the movies all winter. Now the nice weather is here, and it's time for some outdoor adventures. What are some summertime outdoor dating ideas? Here are a few ways to have your fun in the sun with your significant other. The number one romantic outdoor date (seriously,...

Why the Paleo Diet is so Effective

Let’s face it, everywhere we look there’s some advertisement or another, celebrity endorsed faddy diet in our faces, promising that if we stick with it for at least a few days, we can drop around 20 or 30 lbs of bodyweight, while increasing our lean muscle mass and feeling great in the process. Needless...

Three of the Best Green Foods for Men

As men, generally speaking, we probably consider anything green to be the food source for the food we eat, I.E grass is green, cows eat grass, and we eat cows, usually in the form of steaks. We tend to favor our meat, our beer, and our junk food, and although they can taste pretty...

The Sports Beat
Top 10 Strength Sports

There is always an on-going debate about strength sports and which of them require the most strength for the professional athletes who compete in them. Below is a list of the top 10 most strength orientated sports which has been listed by an expert panel from ESPN. Before we look at the list it...

How to Get a Golf Workout

A great golf game can do a lot of things from helping you to unwind after a stressful week to helping you secure a business deal in a less “business type” setting, but for the most part it isn’t exactly a great workout unless you take the time to make it one. If you’re...