A typical cybergenic workout plan will include a high intensity training program consisting of a number of exercises complemented with several nutritional supplements for providing the individual with a challenging and rewarding fitness experience. Most of these workouts are designed to severely train the muscle tissues while lowering the active recovery times by introducing...

Training to Get Broad Shoulders

There has been a lot of research done on exactly what makes a man attractive to women and all of these studies seem to have one basic thing in common and that is broad shoulders. Women seem to be unconsciously attracted to a man with broad shoulders so we are going to look at...

Intensity Techniques – Giant Sets

Mixing up your lifting routine is vital for any muscle building regimen. We've covered the topics of dropsets, supersets and 1 ½ Reps. Now is the grand-daddy of them all. The GIANT Sets. And yes, we will be capitalizing the word GIANT every time for effect. So, what’s a GIANT set? Easy, but it requires...

XYZ – Explore Your Zipline

You rode it at the playground as a kid—that squeaky, clunky contraption that promised to help you fly through the air. Didn’t matter that you often had to lurch like a contortionist to inch that playground zipline forward—you still felt like Superman, right? If the idea of flying thrilled you then, these grownup ziplines...

Recover from Jet Lag Quickly

Jet lag is a traveler’s constant companion after a long flight into different time zones and oftentimes it can leave you feeling listless, tired and unable to go about your life after a trip the way that you need to. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, jet lag can really bring you down...

The Rules for Manscaping

Okay guys, you all know why you're here. We want to look our best at the beach (and other places we wear less clothing... if you know what I mean), but there are a lot of different manscaping methods you can try without overdoing it. Which is the right way? While some choices are entirely up...

Beat Bad Breath

Bad breath happens to everyone at one time or another. Whether its morning breath, coffee breath, or something you just ate, breath odor can be inconvenient and embarrassing in social situations. For most people bad breath is caused by food intake and can easily be cured with regular hygiene or a breath mint. However...

Women & Dating
Outdoor Dating Ideas for Summer Time

You've been going out to dinner and the movies all winter. Now the nice weather is here, and it's time for some outdoor adventures. What are some summertime outdoor dating ideas? Here are a few ways to have your fun in the sun with your significant other. The number one romantic outdoor date (seriously,...

Four Ways to Have Better Erections

Many men suffer from performance issues such as erectile dysfunction (ED) that can cause a wealth of problems from lowered self esteem to the ability to please a lover when the mood strikes them. There are many medications and treatments out there to help with this issue, but they can oftentimes be costly to...

Dropping Pounds Demystified

It just doesn’t make sense sometimes. You eat healthier than you did in high school but you’re not as trim as you were in high school. You finally got on a diet and now you’ve gained three pounds. You are finally serious about dropping pounds yet the results seem like a bad joke. What’s a guy...

Foods that can Fight Headaches

When it comes to our health and general well-being, what we’re eating and drinking on a regular basis can play a big role in determining just how healthy we actually are, and exactly how we actually feel as a result. You've heard the saying that ‘You are what you eat’ meaning basically that if...

The Sports Beat
Top 10 Strength Sports

There is always an on-going debate about strength sports and which of them require the most strength for the professional athletes who compete in them. Below is a list of the top 10 most strength orientated sports which has been listed by an expert panel from ESPN. Before we look at the list it...

How to Get a Golf Workout

A great golf game can do a lot of things from helping you to unwind after a stressful week to helping you secure a business deal in a less “business type” setting, but for the most part it isn’t exactly a great workout unless you take the time to make it one. If you’re...