If you have a kettle bell handy you don’t really need much more than a little time to get a good workout that can shed fat and strengthen your core. Use this core strengthening kettle bell six pack workout to burn off those extra calories. Swing The kettle bell swing is a staple of kettle bell...

Functional Training Workout

Functional training is the practice of training your body in the gym to be better suited for real life actions that require strength. Quite often when we are performing traditional weight training on a regular basis we are targeting “glory muscles” for their aesthetics as opposed to building functional strength. The major issue is...

Post Activation Potentiation to Improve Muscular Performance

What is Post Activation Potentiation and how do we utilize it to improve muscular performance? Post Activation Potentiation (PAP) is the theory that the body will perform at a higher level for certain activities after muscles have undergone prior contractions recently. There is not a lot of conclusive data to render the phenomenon anything...

The Stand Up Workstation - Can You Really Work from Them?

You’ve probably seen that episode of The Office where Dwight brags about the benefits of his stand up workstation, but is soon trying to disguise that he’s resting on a stool. All comedy aside, is it reasonable to have a stand up workstation? Do you really want to be on your feet all day?...

How to Pack the Perfect Carry on Luggage

Traveling is stressful. You have to make sure you get to the airport on time, pack everything you need, and follow the rules of the airline. But if you are going for a short trip and really only need a few items, you can get away with carry on luggage and eliminate the stress...

Tips for a Smooth and Flawless Shave

Shaving can be a difficult task if you don’t have the tools, knowledge or skill to do a correct shave. The invasive act can cause everything from cuts to rashes and unshaven sections, making you look and feel less than confident after the shave. To help ensure that you are well verse in the...

Style Rules Every Guy Should Follow

From whether to tuck it in or out or what socks to wear for the outfit men need a little guidance from time to time when it comes fashion. Check out this simple list of style rules that every guy should follow to help you be on your way to style success. 1. Flip-Flops are...

Women & Dating
Five Ways to Help You Find the Right Girl

Finding the right girl can sometimes be a challenge in today’s modern world as you attempt to look for someone that is perfect for you among the 7 billion people on Earth. Modern technology such as texting, email, video chats, social media and more allow you to better reach a larger pool of women,...

Healthy Sex Myths to Ignore

When you think of a healthy sex life with your girlfriend or wife you probably think of a few common views that it seems everyone has. From the frequency of your sex life to the way in which it starts, “healthy sex” is greatly subjective. Take a look at these 3 healthy sex myths...

Simply Good Ceviche

Peruvian food is one of the best-kept secrets in healthful eating. Unlike other Latin cuisines which prominently feature white rice, carbs, and various fats, Peruvian cooking is delightfully lean and surprisingly diverse. One dish, however, is fairly well known throughout the world for its tantalizing flavor and texture – ceviche. And the good news...

Ways to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight before in your lives, and we suspect that you may very well have, then you’ll know what a frustrating and testing experience it can be, both physically, and psychologically. There will be highs, and there will be lows, that’s just the nature of the beast. Everybody, and...

The Sports Beat
Oregon’s Marcus Mariota Takes Home Heisman Trophy

Like many of Oregon’s games this season, Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota won the 2014 Heisman Trophy in a rout. Mariota’s 2,534 points were more than double what second-place Melvin Gordon (1,250) received. The Oregon junior, who likely will enter the NFL Draft and forgo his senior season, commanded a majority of the first-place votes,...

Inaugural College Football Playoff Field Is Set

After 15 long weeks, the first-ever College Football Playoff has its four teams. Surely, the 12-member selection committee’s top four will draw some criticism. There was never really any question that No. 1 seed Alabama, No. 2 Oregon, and Florida State, with a win in the ACC title game, would be part of the...