Most beginners when starting an exercise program to improve their overall physical health, and or weight loss will often do so with a high level of enthusiasm and great expectation occasionally seen getting out of bed early, arriving to the gym on time on a daily basis pumped with motivation and vigor. However over...

Body Part Split Training

The Body Part Split Training is known throughout the fitness industry as a specific type of training workout in which the person training will split their entire workout into a number of selective training sessions designed to target specific muscle groups. One of the more popularly recognized type of body part split training used...

High Calorie Burning Workouts

One of the most effective means of fast calorie burning for the traditional fitness enthusiast is a high impact cardiovascular workout. Men for years have been the beneficiaries of cross-training routines often burning an excess of five hundred calories in as short a time as thirty minutes. Many of these effective high calorie burning...

The Spring Break Diet

Ah... Spring Break... What other two-word statement could so neatly wrap up an idea of perfect relaxation, fun, partying, and terror about damaging your otherwise healthy lifestyle. If the spring break diet sounds like beer and hot dogs to you fear not, friends, there is a smart way to live it up, no matter...

Potential Health Risks of Hangovers

We’ve all done it from time to time surely? Gone out, had a few too many drinks, and then woken up the next morning feeling like death itself. Hangovers are extremely common, just ask most people who go out on the weekends how they feel on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Many people believe...

Secret to Eyebrow Grooming

For a long time eyebrow grooming was seen as a thing that women did, but in recent years it has become more acceptable for men to reign in their bushy eyebrows with a bit of careful tweezing or trimming. However, oftentimes men who do partake in eyebrow grooming don’t know what they are doing,...

MFC_To Shave or Not to Shave..

Isn’t it crazy how we spend the majority of our youth and adolescence wishing for body hair and then spend the rest of our adult lives trying to keep it under control? For most men, body hair has become as tedious of a ritual as it is for women... constantly trying to remove hair...

Women & Dating
Reasons Why Men Lie to Women

When it comes to women, guys feel impelled to twist the truth from time to time. It can happen for any number of reasons. The fact is that any time you get caught it's going to turn into a big deal. And guys get caught lying all the time. So why do they still...

How to Prevent ED and Keep Your Sex Life Alive

ED (erectile dysfunction) becomes more common for men as they age, but luckily there are ways to help reduce the likelihood of it happening. No man wants to face the possibility of not being able to get it up while in bed with a woman, but it happens and understanding ways to prevent it...

Clean Bulking for Muscle Gain Minus the Fat – Four Handy Tips

For all of us guys who want to build muscle but think bulking means pigging out, it’s time for us to put down the pizza, lay off the burgers, put on our exercise clothing, and hit the gym in order to help ourselves achieve the physique we always dreamed of. None of us want...

Tips to Combat Low Energy and Fight Fatigue

A long-standing theory has recently resurfaced regarding that not-just-tired feeling. Undoubtedly, you know it well, that exhausted fatigue feeling that sweeps over both body and mind. Coffee is powerless against it. Even additional sleep seems to barely make a dent in the constant sluggish, foggy, heavy way you’re moving through life. The theory posits that this...

The Sports Beat
Top 10 Strength Sports

There is always an on-going debate about strength sports and which of them require the most strength for the professional athletes who compete in them. Below is a list of the top 10 most strength orientated sports which has been listed by an expert panel from ESPN. Before we look at the list it...

How to Make Your Golf Game a Better Workout

A great golf game can do a lot of things from helping you to unwind after a stressful week to helping you secure a business deal in a less “business type” setting, but for the most part it isn’t exactly a great workout unless you take the time to make it one. If you’re...