Bulgarian Wave Loading is credited for the huge successes Bulgarian lifters have had at major weightlifting competitions like the Olympics and World Championships. Many persons wondered how come they seemed to be so much stronger than athletes from other parts of the world. On closer analysis their admirable successes stem from the fact that...

Yoga to Complement any Training Program

Yoga is a popular past time for people and it has been implemented into athletes workout regimes to great effect. Many people are dubious of the effectiveness; deeming it as a thing only suitable for woman BUT there are many male professional athletes who vouch for the benefits of yoga. The reasons for this...

Can Love Keep Your Muscles Strong?

Oxytocin is a hormone many of us hear about, but barely know what it really is. This is not a article that will go too deeply into its primary functions; however, recent studies show something that may greatly benefit those of us looking to not only build muscle but protect it from those frequent...

How to Get a First Class Upgrade While Flying

Traveling is a necessary part of life for most people traveling long distances, and it can play an important role in business as well. Families don’t live as close as they once did, and that means more visits. Whether it’s a meeting, a vacation, or a family get-together, you may not always want to take the time, gas...

Common Bad Habits and How to Break Them

We’ve all got a bad habit or two that aren’t so good for us and can oftentimes be an annoyance for other people. There is a reason that they’re called bad habits and for many people those habits have been around for years, proving very difficult to break. The first step to breaking them...

The Man’s Guide to Foot Care

For most men foot care usually begins and ends with trimming your toenails every so often, but more than likely your significant other finds your untidy feet a bit gross and is just too polite to say something about it. Furthermore, proper foot care can help to avoid foot issues that can prove painful...

Tips to Help You Achieve a Flawless Neck Shave

Shaving the neck can oftentimes be a difficult thing to do when considering such things as sharp angles and odd hair growth patterns. Getting a close neck shave sometimes requires that you forgo comfort or nick-free skin to remove as much hair as possible, but if you know what you’re doing you can achieve...

Women & Dating
G Spot – Fact or Fiction?

Back in the early 1980s a couple people wrote a book called The G Spot and since that time none of us have been able to stop talking about it. Does it exist? Is it really the key to more powerful and intense orgasms? Does every woman have one? Can every man locate it?...

Bad Sex or Bad Partner?

We’ve all experienced it. Bad sex. Going on the first date getting worked up by your potential bedroom partner’s cute laugh or sexy legs, and then when it finally comes time to follow up that attraction sex is a complete let down. What gives? How can insane compatibility emotionally and mentally lead to less...

Is Chemical Estrogen Killing Your Testosterone?

You may be aware of the fact that your own personal production of testosterone can have a huge impact on the amount of muscle you can build. Research shows that the daily production of testosterone is decreasing every day after the age of 40 but there are many other reasons why your testosterone could...

Reasons Why You Should Have Dark Chocolate Every Day

Dark chocolate is a sweet treat that when many people that of it doesn’t really bring to mind a “healthy” image. However, the velvety sweet treat is packed with many healthy benefits that get lost in the shuffle of it being an indulgence rather than a helpful food. Despite all of this dark chocolate...

The Sports Beat
College Football Playoff Picture Getting Clearer As FSU Beats Notre Dame

It was another exciting weekend in College Football as Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston hit 15-of-16 passes for 181 yards and a touchdown in the second half to lead the No. 1-ranked Seminoles to a come-from-behind 31-27 victory over No. 5 Notre Dame. The Irish defense flustered Winston in the first half and helped...

Football Is Alive and Well In The Magnolia State (photo MSU Athletics)

With three consecutive victories over top-ranked Southeastern Conference opponents, the Mississippi State Bulldogs are now the nation’s No. 1-ranked college football team according to the latest Associated Press poll. Head coach Dan Mullen’s squad leaped past former No. 1 Florida State, receiving 45 first-place votes to the Seminoles’ 12. Mississippi State’s fiercest rival, Ole...