There are many factors that influence what types of workouts you should do to reach your fitness goals. Gender, age, ability, etc. are all factors; however, one of the most important and perhaps most overlooked is body type. Yes, just because you and your buddy weigh the same and are the same height means...

Buns of Steele - Glute Exercises for Men

Most men are reluctant to admit but, yes, women are not the only ones who want to tighten up their glute muscles and look good in a pair of jeans. We’ve all seen the cheesy workout video from the 90’s and were definitely not recommending that you bust out the Speedo or go Richard Simmons...

The Controversy Behind CrossFit

Crossfit combines cardio exercises and weight lifting to improve endurance, strength, stamina, agility, speed, power, and all of those other physical qualities you’ve been looking for. It also seems to be pretty addictive for those who have gotten into it. Shaping muscle and burning fat at the same seems to also make great time...

How to Pack the Perfect Carry on Luggage

Traveling is stressful. You have to make sure you get to the airport on time, pack everything you need, and follow the rules of the airline. But if you are going for a short trip and really only need a few items, you can get away with carry on luggage and eliminate the stress...

Bar Tricks to Get a Buddy to Pay for Your Drinks

Feel like going out tonight, but haven’t got the funds to pay for your drinks? If you’re skilled enough and can bluff your way through a few bar tricks, you can get a buddy to pay for them for you. Are you up to the challenge? Here are 4 tricks to get a buddy...

Dinner Party Attire

Unless you’ve been invited to a formal Thanksgiving affair, there is a lot of gray area surrounding suitable dinner party attire. You want to look good, but because it’s an intimate group, you don’t want to overdo it. Luckily, there are a few fashion decisions that should always be on the menu for a...

Dental Hygiene and Heart Disease

A few years ago, researchers discovered a link between dental hygiene and heart disease. When it was first announced, many people took this news to mean floss or die. In reality, the risks are a little less severe but still important to consider. The major concern pointed out by the study was that poor...

Women & Dating
How to Satisfy Her Desires in Bed

There is one aspect of life where every man wants to perform his best, and that is in the bedroom (or wherever you end up having sex). The problem is that men know what turns them on, but are not always sure how to get the same reaction out of their woman. The anxiety...

Sex Temperature - Go From Chill to Thrill

When it come to sex, temperature is one of the most commonly overlooked sensations. With all the emphasis on tickling, teasing, and caressing, it can be easy to forget that our skin is remarkably tuned in to changes in temperature. Some lubricants address this by creating a warming or cooling sensation made possible by...

Four Benefits of Increasing Seafood in Your Diet

It’s probably safe to say that the average Joe’s diet leaves a lot to be desired. With fast food outlets popping up everywhere, as well as the convenience stores stocking more and more junk food, it’s no wonder that worldwide obesity levels are at an all-time high. Experts are blaming this on a distinct...

The Principles of Food Combining in a Healthy Diet

It’s unfortunate to see the rate of chronic diseases rising in the USA given all of the information on disease prevention and healthy living available. Even though there is a wealth of information out there for many people there is still so much confusion about simple food selection for a healthy diet. One has...

The Sports Beat
MLB Postseason Awards Handed Out; Clayton Kershaw Completes Rare Sweep (Photo Gary A. Vasquez/ Presswire)

The final postseason awards for the 2014 Major League Baseball season were handed out this week and the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw completed a sweep of the National League Cy Young and the NL’s Most Valuable Player Awards. It was Kershaw’s third Cy Young Award in the past four seasons. Kershaw also becomes...

Lakers Point Guard Steve Nash Gets Himself Into Hot Water

When a video of Steve Nash appeared on Instagram early last week, it was not what Lakers fans wanted to see. The 40-year-old point guard, who will miss the entire 2014-15 season with a back injury, was seen driving golf balls. Laker fans everywhere, and the NBA community as well, wondered why Nash, who...