If the cost of a gym membership or setting up a home gym makes you not want to work out you have a good reason. An annual gym membership can run you $500 a year and to buy and a treadmill or elliptical can cost you easily a few thousand dollars. Added up over...

Spinning Class - A New Spin on Working Out

You have probably seen the room full of stationary bikes at the gym with spinning class in full swing and been tempted to join. Even if you don’t have much experience with stationary bikes you should definitely consider mixing up your workout with spinning. Spinning class is an intense cardio workout using stationary cycles...

Treadmill Workout To Burn Fat

You are probably very aware of the good publicity that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has been getting lately. It has changed the way many people exercise on a regular basis now because of the undeniable proof that it works which has now been universally accepted. What you might not know is you can...

The Sports Beat
Derek Jeter To Play Final Game Sunday (photo Charlie Neibergall/ AP)

In fitting fashion, Major League Baseball great Derek Jeter will play the final game of his illustrious career against the Boston Red Sox, the long-time rival of his beloved New York Yankees. It was just days ago that Jeter suited up for the final time in Yankee Stadium. The ending was everything baseball fans...

Florida State Wins Without Jameis Winston (photo Mark Wallheiser/ AP)

Without Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston at quarterback, the top-ranked Florida State Seminoles somehow overcame adversity and defeated No. 22 Clemson, 23-17, in overtime Saturday night. Running back Karlos Williams scored on a 12-yard run in overtime to give FSU the win. Winston, who has had a series of off field issues, was initially...

Six Things Every Bachelor Pad Must Have

Bachelor pads aren’t just restricted to cheesy 70’s TV shows and films, they are an extension of who you are as a man and the image you present to your friends and then women you bring home. It is a place where you are able to be a man’s man and indulge in your...

Sleep Like a Baby Again

Do you remember having any sleep problems when you were a kid? Few people do… because the most common sleep complaints like insomnia or wakefulness don’t appear until we reach the age of 30. Some people believe it’s “normal” to not get a good nights’ sleep, or that adults don’t need as much sleep...

Treatments to Nip Hair Loss in the Bud

Losing your hair and going bald is never easy and can have a lasting effect on your confidence in life. For a lot of men going bald or having thinning hair is something that is treatable for regaining a full head of hair once again. There are many treatments available, some good and others…...

Hipster Styles Men Should Never Wear

The hipster movement is all over and sadly it seems to have regurgitated past styles that have gone the way of the dodo bird for a reason. From ironic t-shirts to shredded clothing, hipster style is all about being cool and trendy without outwardly showing how “cool and trendy” you are. Of course, this...

Women & Dating
Casanova 101: How to Woo a Woman

Giacomo Girolamo Casanova de Seingalt, better known as simply Casanova, was an Italian adventurer known for wooing and bedding women with style and romantic panache. Today his name is synonymous with being a true “ladies man” and if you are looking to take up the mantle of Casanova you’re going to have to learn...

Four Ways to Make Date Night New Again

When a couple has been together for years a dating rut is all too common; you get set in your ways and before you know it you are doing the same old thing every Saturday at the same time each week. Let’s be honest, doing the same thing every date night isn’t fun and...

The Facts on Fats

Low fat, fat-free, zero trans fats, low saturated fat, 30% less fat… looking around your local supermarket food aisles might give you the impression that we should be avoiding fats like the plague. What you may not realize is that fat is absolutely essential to healthy bodily function. More than that, certain fats are...

Ways to Naturally Increase Human Growth Hormone

We all dream about getting in shape and building a muscle bound, lean, ripped, physique to be proud of, but for many of us, that all it is, a dream. Even for those who are willing to put the hard work in and workout the natural way (without the help of certain substances which...