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muscles of the body to train on same day

Which muscles of the body should men target on the same day?

Generally speaking, people are confused about deciding which muscles of the body should be trained together. Besides, most people are working out to maintain...

aerobic exercises playing badminton

How to make aerobic and rhythmic exercises work for you!

Aerobic and rhythmic exercises are an excellent option to start your workout. At times the complexity and monotony of everyday workouts can lead us...

Kettlebell- tool for powerful exercise

Kettlebell Flow: All you need to know!

A kettlebell is an essential tool for working out. In fact, be it a regular for strength training, or extensive yoga; kettlebell can be...

yoga for weight loss to get maximum benefits

Make the most of yoga for weight loss!

Undoubtedly yoga is one of the best ways to relax, release stress, offer flexibility and of course ward-off that stored fat. If you follow...

myths and facts

Famous fitness myths: Debunked

The advice you take on your fitness journey matters the most. You can either benefit from accurate advice or with misguided information end up...

youtube exercise videos for fitness

Youtube Channels to Follow for the Best Exercise Video to Suit your Goals

With a single click on Instagram and Youtube, you certainly have access to each and every exercise video these days. All of these fitness...


set of chef knife!

Things to keep in mind before you buy that swanky chef knife set

Buying a chef knife is not that simple as it appears to be. This is the master tool in your kitchen you use without...

featured image

Can vaping really help to quit smoking?

If you are a smoker, there must have been several instances when you promised that you would quit smoking. It might have an appearance...


Featured fashion

Ease into spring with these latest men’s fashion trends!

Gone are the days when men’s fashion was more or less monotonous and one just grunts and smirks at the mention of ‘spring fashion...


The Best and Boldest in Men’s Fashion 2019 Edition

In 2019, what was your resolution? Lose weight? Getter a better job? It doesn’t matter if something else was at the top of your list....

Women & Dating

5 tell-tale signs which mean you are in a serious relationship!

Are you confused about where your relationship is going? Don’t worry! It happens to the best of us. In fact, one moment you are...

Mastering the art of sexting

Rules about sexting that nobody told you anything about!

If you are in a relationship, actively dating, on a prowl, or haven’t been living under the rock, listen up! You must be familiar...


before and after

Inspiring weight loss before and after stories on Instagram!

Every now and then, we come across some amazing before and after stories which leave us both baffled and inspired. These are the stories...

Simple, But Smart Health Habits for 40 Year Old Men

Simple, But Smart Health Habits for 40 Year Old Men

Is 40 really the new 25? There are thousands of articles about women over 40, but what about 40 year old men? Men just...

muscular strenght

Pomegranate- The key to muscular strength!

It might be news to you that pomegranate is superb for muscular strength. However, you might still be aware of the health benefits of...

Starbucks keto-diet friendly drinks

Keto-diet friendly drinks you get in Starbucks!

Are you a Starbucks fan since its inception just like us, but also follow a keto-diet? Well, with going keto you are giving up...