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MIB Workout Get Chris Hemsworth Shredded

Chris Hemsworth MIB Workout to Get Shredded

Chris Hemsworth MIB Workout is the talk of the town. In fact, this celebrity hunk who won hearts as the God of Thunder, Thor, is all set to win hearts once again. Following his legendary portrayal of Thor, he is all geared to do the role of a special agent. His next flick is MIB alias Men in Black Series. From an Asgardian warrior to a human special agent, the transformation is worth watching.

The MIB Workout Plan

The enviable physique of Hemsworth in MIB is spreading like wildfire. The legend behind his rugged look is Luke Zocchi, his fitness trainer.  In fact, his look in MIB is less bulky, more athletic and leaner than Thor, the workout regime also differs. With a busy schedule and filmmaking, maintaining a six pack is quite tough. However, the actor’s fondness to surfing is incredibly helpful.

Besides, he follows a special diet to build a lean muscular look. This comprises of three meals a day with a good count of his calories. No doubt, gaining a perfect physique requires a lot of hard work. Nothing comes easy, so is the case with a perfect rippling body. Hemsworth’s MIB look is poles apart from his look in the Marvel movies.

Here is, the Hemsworth’s Workout, that is taking the internet by storm. His MIB workout Primarily is a circuit style. In fact, all you require is dumbbells and 30-minutes every day. Continue to read below to inspire yourself:

Transforming from a bulky look to a leaner one can leave your body very stressed. However, Hemsworth’s workout ensures the body goes through minimal stress. Furthermore, the circuit type workout focus on each body part. From delts to hamstrings, the training focuses on every part equally.


Warmup is an important part of training. In fact, it delivers oxygen to the muscle groups, raises your body temperature and increases blood flow to get your body ready to perform your workout. In addition, it prevents one from getting injury or cramps and reduces aches and pains.

Like every workout, the MIB workout begins with warmup. This comprises of Tabatas. Start with crawls and bodyweight squats. Take 10 seconds of rest after every round. Begin slowly and progress to faster speed with every round.

Workout and Training: MIB Workout

After finishing the warm-up, begins the actual training. This comprises pushing yourself extensively by combining different training sessions. In fact, the MIB workout circuit consists of DB weighted burpee, curls and bench press using dumbbells. Follow this with goblet squat. After squat continue workout with standing tricep extension, reverse lunges and curls.

Ensure you take no rest in between the moves to keep a continuous aerobic exercise. The most rest you should take is 10 seconds of before moving to the next round. Finally, continue with the circuit again. Repeat the circuit 3 times in a row.

Shoulder Circuit: MIB Workout

The next part is the shoulder circuit. In fact, this workout concentrates on your delts, shoulders, and back. All you require is a dumbbell for this too.

The shoulder circuit will comprise of three main training. The Lateral Rise, Frontal Rise, and Upright Row. Ensure you hold the dumbbells tight. Finally be sure to not move it too fast or else it can cause strain and injury.

Plank circuit

After the shoulder circuits end your workout with planks. This plank circuit includes Plank Punch out, Plank Pulse and Plank Pike. In addition, planks concentrate on building core muscles, abs, and delts.

In fact, repeat the complete circuit every day for 30 minutes to get a shredded look like Hemsworth.

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