Exercise Benefits for Every Man

Exercise Benefits for Every ManChances are if you are reading this you don’t need to be sold on the benefits of exercise. However if you want to get the best results from your exercise and you are more interested in your health and longevity that you are about showing your muscles then you need to consider the best overall exercise benefits. Not only will you lose weight and improve your health but you will add more muscle and look better because of it.

Circuit training has been going on for decades since the boom of the health industry which started in the 1980’s most gyms have used circuit training. But then when sports science started studying and researching the benefits they discovered something that they call interval training.

Interval training is very similar to circuit training but includes a burst of activity followed by a period of rest or a less intense activity. A great example is a spring workout that you sprint the 100m straights and jog the corners.

The point is that with interval training or circuit training you will certainly be getting the maximum benefit from your exercise time. It all has to do with the intensity that you are able to train with. It often takes time and practice to get up to the point where you can exercise with a high intensity for 45 minutes.

But even if you start with only doing ten minutes three times a week which is a total of only half an hour you will quickly see a difference. If you simply increase your time that you train by only one minute every week you will be training flat out with a high intensity within 6 months.

The results will be a speeding up of your basal metabolic rate (BMR) as well as fat-loss, muscle gain and an improvement of your VO2 Max which is your cardiovascular capacity. The result will be able to extend your life and health to such a great extent that you will know you are doing the right thing.

Research has shown that training with a high intensity for more than 45 minutes is counter-productive. In fact your body can go from an anabolic state to a catabolic state after 45 minutes of hard training. This is something that you need to keep in mind when you start to really enjoy your training and not to over extend yourself.

Using interval training you could easily train at home using your own bodyweight without joining a gym. There are countless exercises that you can do using only your bodyweight. You can choose anything from plyometric training to getting a solid workout using a jungle gym at your local park.