High Calorie Burning Workouts

High Calorie Burning WorkoutsOne of the most effective means of fast calorie burning for the traditional fitness enthusiast is a high impact cardiovascular workout. Men for years have been the beneficiaries of cross-training routines often burning an excess of five hundred calories in as short a time as thirty minutes. Many of these effective high calorie burning workouts in fact do not require any gym attendance as they can be easily completed at home or in an outdoor setting to the convenience of the person training.

Training on the treadmill can become one of the most monotonous experiences ever encountered by any one person inevitably leading to a dreaded fear of even the thought of training utilizing this machine. Men who have become accustomed to their cardio training have been able to maintain a level of interest and variety by conducting this aspect of their cardio training in an outdoor setting in the absence of the traditional digital control of the basic treadmill. It has been often recommended that beginners to cardio training including running and jogging alternatively perform a comfortable run and power walk for a period of three to five minute intervals for a total duration of thirty to forty-five minutes on consecutive days.

Getting a total workout by taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work is understandably one way to burn calories on a daily basis during office hours observed by a vast amount of fitness conscious individuals today. However adding weights to this simple workout form by including three to eight pound dumbbells during the stair climb is a functional method used by athletes to increase the rate of calorie burn and weight loss.

For an additional high calorie workout and cardio blast one of the most challenging workouts widely used to stimulate calorie burn and recovery is known as interval training. The interval training workout is simply performed in a variety of ways including, running, jumping, swimming or any recognizable form of cardio exercise with or without the assistance of any type of exercise equipment.

Interval training involving cardio activities such as hill sprints have often required the person training to sprint up a hill ideally at a minimum of one hundred feet from the top. Upon completing the sprint the individual will perform ten reps of selective number of exercises such as push-ups, squats, jumps, and twists to execute a high calorie burn. Athletes have found that by additionally running back down the hill for at least ten seconds then sprinting back up the hill again for a total duration of forty-five minutes have allowed them to increase the rate of calorie burn and weight loss providing them with an active and challenging workout.

One of the best workouts to target almost every muscle tissue within the body is the traditional swimming workout. Known for providing the person training with the ultimate body workout and cardio activity swimming has additionally been used to aid in the toning of muscle groups while massively burning calories forcing the body into what many fitness enthusiasts referee to as leaning out. Training alternatively using a variety of swimming styles such as the butterfly stroke, freestyle, and using the breast stroke to effect in-between rest periods has been an effective method of burning calories of as much as up to eight hundred calories in just forty-five minutes.