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Celebrity Workouts to Get Ripped for the Big Role

10 Best Celebrity Workouts to Get Ripped for the Big Role

Celebrity workouts leave us spellbound. With impressive results, well- jacked, ripped and diced physiques, these movie stars have raised the bar for fitness. Their charismatic personality and well-carved physique certainly help them in landing big roles.

Have a look at the best Celebrity Workouts

Let’s go through some of the celebrity workouts listed below. Read and find what is the secret to their ripped body:

Hugh Jackman

Well, we can’t take our eyes off the Wolverine on screen doing complete justice to his character. However, this skilled star follows a strict full body workout routine. His routine involves concentrating on different parts on different days. He combines supersets and circuits for maintaining his superhero physique. His workout also includes presses, pull-ups, raises, overloads, and much more.

Henry Cavil

This “Man of Steel” star surely mastered celebrity workouts before entering the industry. He follows a strict regime. This helps to maintain a classic ripped superhuman appearance. He also strictly trains on Olympic lifts and cleans. This goes along the phases of maintenance, bulking, and leaning out.

Mark Wahlberg

Putting in some serious gym time, Mark Wahlberg knows there is no pain no gain. This 47-year old hunk focuses on adding an extra size to his delts and biceps. He goes through a varying weight training using dumbbells and barbell. This focuses on applying an inverse strategy of more weight fewer reps.

Joe Manganiello: Celebrity workouts

Popular for his physique, Joe Manganiello has tried many classic workouts. He believes in beginning his training with heavy weights. This is then followed by lowering weights and adding more repetitions. His regime includes cable pushdowns, pumping, bench presses, and dumbbell flyes.

Vin Diesel

At 50, Diesel’s a toned physique is surely goals. His training mainly focuses on building a perfect and upper body. He sculpts his big arms and delts with a combination of exercises. For example, rope pushdowns, cable curls, machine workout, and free weights.

Adam Levine

This Grammy award winner uses multiple workout plans. From weight training to free-weights, he focuses on complete body training that is concise and quick. The most favorite from his celebrity workouts tips is doing lunges and hitting moves that also helps in improving postures.

Chris Pratt: Celebrity workouts

The transformation of the Guardian of Galaxy actor is also worth looking noticing. The secret of his super-ripped physique is strict diet and serious muscle workout. This includes lat pulldowns, dumbbell rows, barbell, push-ups, and press.

Terry Crews

Terry Crew definitely has one of the most attractive physiques in Hollywood. His ripped and well-toned sculpture has earned him applauds and roles tailor-made for him alone. He focuses on explosive workouts aiming for upper body for arms and chest. It includes chest and arm workouts following pyramid strategy of increased weights and fewer reps and vice versa.

Jamie Foxx: Celebrity workouts

The ripped body of Foxx is as popular as his acting. This multi-talented actor also an academy award winner follows a power-packed workout regime. It involves focusing on building core stability, muscle workout, and free-weight exercises. He also does Weighted tricep dips and overhead press with kettlebell. This of course add to his secret for a refined body.

Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson

One look at the Rock and you know that he is the ultimate giant of celebrity workouts in Hollywood.  Dwayne Johnson’s kickass bodybuilding plan comprises of Arm Lat Pulldowns, Dumbbell Row. It also includes Cable Rows, Cable Fly, and Rope Pullovers. His regime focuses on every body part together.

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