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Perfect Physical Balance How To Improve Yours

Achieving the Perfect Balance for Your Physique

Although achieving the perfect physical balance in life is more often than not totally impossible it is certainly an admirable goal in which one should aim for. Albert Einstein once said that “perfect moderation is more difficult than abstention” and he knew this better than most as he was addicted to many drugs.

Guide to achieving your perfect balance

Perfect moderation and perfect balance obviously needs to include a perfect physical balance, the emotional as well as the spiritual sides of your life but in this article we are only going to be talking about achieving the perfect balance when it comes to your body.

Observe your body and where you want to change it

However we are going to refine it down even more and we are not going to be talking about detoxification or improving your cardiovascular capacity, we are specifically going to be looking at the appearance of your body just like a bodybuilder would.

What this means is that when you stand in front of a full length mirror without clothes on and you look at the ‘genetic’ balance that you inherited from your parents, you need to have a critical eye. If you are slightly overweight and have a bit of fat hiding your muscles then you need to look at yourself without the fat a perfect physical balance.

We are all born with a weak body-part or two.

Whether it be the size of your legs compared to the size of your chest or simply the size of your calves which is not exactly the same size as your neck. There are many more other comparisons that can be made but the point is you will know perfect physical balance.

Adapt your training program to target your weak spots

It is easy to specifically adapt your weight training program to concentrate on any of the weak links that you might have. Probably the most famous example of this is Arnold when he was training for his first Mr Olympia title used to train with only his weakest link showing which was his calves.

He would finish every high intensity workout with half an hour on the various calf machines. If you take a good look at the way that your own body is balanced and you feel that you could look more balanced if your chest was bigger or you had bigger arms or had bigger legs then you need to plan your workouts differently.

Mix up your lifting methods for perfect physical balance

Anything from negative reps to pyramids and super-sets or giant-sets are something that can be added to get your body back to balance. It goes without saying that if you have too much body-fat covering your muscles you need to start changing your diet to lose more fat.

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