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Aerial Yoga and The Benefits

The Benefits of Aerial Yoga and Why You Should Try It

Ever heard of Aerial Yoga and the benefits? Do the large strips of fabric supporting a person while he does impossible looking poses sounds familiar to you? If yes, you are right! That is aerial yoga, a variation of the traditional type of yoga. Fabric hammocks are suspended from the ceilings which can support over 2,000 pounds. This supports your body while you do aerial yoga. You can adjust the fabric as per one’s height or personal preference, or for better accessibility. It might be the new kid on the block, but it is gaining popularity fast. This yoga provides better control and flexibility that traditional yoga might not. This is why it is fast becoming a favorite.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Better Flexibility

Aerial Yoga enables increased accessibility and freedom in terms of movement. It allows you to move your body into different positions. This, in turn, expands the limitations that come with traditional yoga. Since it opposes gravity by suspension, it provides relief to the bones and muscles. Consequently, this strengthens the muscles at the core, increasing the flexibility of the body.

Improved Focus

Since this is a bit more challenging than the traditional yoga, it demands your attention. This forces you to be more alert and be more focused on what you are doing and your surroundings. It needs higher concentration.

Strengthened Muscles Aerial Yoga

In aerial yoga, your muscles are working harder than usual against the pull of gravity. This, in turn, enhances the muscles since you are trying to stabilize your position. You are also performing all those poses, which in turn works your core muscles. This makes you stronger and fitter every day.

The Benefits of Aerial Yoga and Why You Should Try It

Total workout

The gravity-defying yoga poses not only is exciting and good for the body. It also improves balance and stability, well beyond the yoga studio, even in everyday life situations. If you are generally a clumsy person with poor balance, aerial yoga can change that for you. Also, this yoga forces all parts of the body to move, making it a full body workout. Over time, you will notice that you feel light fit and fresh.

Better for the mind Aerial Yoga

In lines with the way the other yoga types work, aerial yoga helps reset your mental state. This helps provides clarity to your mind. It also has the ability to relieve stress in your daily life, due to its calmness. This also helps in fighting mental fatigue, thereby, improving your creative mobility and artistic abilities.

It is a kind of exercise which challenges you to keep pushing yourself to new heights, literally. Since you do aerial yoga in the air it helps you to do the poses which can be difficult on a ground set. It is fun, makes you feel like you are in a circus, and gets the job done. What’s not to like?

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