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Best Beach Body Workout Plan To Get Ready

best beach body workout plan

With the summer beach season almost in high gear you’re probably thinking of new and innovative ways to make your gym time more productive to achieve the perfect beach body so you can earn those jaw dropping stares from all the ladies. Well if you’re ready to get your beach body workout training plan ready you need to get your head in the game and prepare to increase your muscle build and tone your body in the right areas. exercises to get your body beach ready

How to get your beach body workout training plan ready

Bodybuilders when building the perfect physique will often focus primarily on the abdominals, biceps, shoulders and of course the chest for creating a noticeable appearance on first sight. This is where a full upper body workout comes into play. Most professional bodybuilders often suggest that when training your upper body you dedicate yourself to a workout routine performed at least three times per week allowing in-between training days to frequently target each specific muscle group to benefit from the best experience and most notable changes in your physique. Additionally, exercises known for simultaneously stimulating a range of muscle groups in one given motion are vital to your workout and must be included.

Men who are pressed for time during their work schedule to achieve the best results should perform a single set of at least one of the exercises targeting each muscle group. Training utilizing this method will allow you to stimulate all the major muscle groups while maintaining your strength.

Below are some of the best exercises to get your body beach ready.

Exercise ball crunches.

Widely used to target the abdominal muscles the exercise ball crunch is recognizes as one of the most effective exercises to recruit the abdominal muscles due to its movements of the exercise on an unstable surface. The exercise allows you to engage your core muscles as you try to stabilize yourself enabling a complete core workout.How to perform the Exercise ball crunch for your And start your beach body workout plan

  • Begin the exercise by laying on an exercise ball on your lower back curved at the top of the ball and your feet planted firmly on the floor, arms out to the sides and hands behind your head.
  • Keeping your hip stationary exhale and flex your waist by contracting your abdominal muscles and curling your shoulders and chest upwards in a crunch.
  • Inhale and return to the starting position.

The Exercise ball crunch is primarily used for targeting the rectus abdominis while recruiting the obliques to increase your stability and sculpt your longed for six pack look beach body workout plan.

The Bench Press

Undoubtedly one of the most performed exercises by athletes and beginners of all fitness levels, the bench press with its compound movement is known for recruiting a wide range of muscle groups to stimulate muscular build and overall strength. The bench press while targeting your pectorals major muscle also engages the anterior deltoid and triceps muscles for an effective workout.

How to perform the Bench Press

  • Begin the bench press by laying on the bench and positioning your head below the bar.
  • Stick your feet under the bench and arch your back
  • Using the bar support your full body weight elevate your shoulders off the bench and pull them in squeezing your shoulder blades together.
  • Using both hands grasp the weighted barbell and push the weight away from the rack.
  • Lower the barbell towards your chest in a controlled manner and drive it back upward to the starting position counting from one to six on the way down and up.

Box Jumps for the best beach body workout plan

This is a great exercise that will give you a full body benefit. You will work your legs, arms and ads with each rep if you can work your way up to higher reps you can also get a cardio burn at the same time

How to perform the Box Jumps

  • Find a sturdy “box jump platform,” a bench that is fixed in place or you can even use a stair case, just skip an extra stair.
  • Begin the exercise with your feet shoulder width apart in a squat position.
  • Swing your arms backwards as you move into the squat position and bring them forward as you jump up on your landing spot.
  • Take a quick rest then resume to your next rep.
  • For higher jumps take a  5-10 seconds in between. If you are performing a small jump try to fit 5 reps in a row and add more as you can
  • The most important aspect of the Box Jump is that you maintain form on all repetitions. If you feel your form is not holding up or you have to strain to make the next rep, take a rest and move to your next set.

Incorporate these beach body workout training plan into your routine along with your 30 minutes of cardio and you’ll have your body beach ready in no time.

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