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Best Bicep Workout For Strong Arms

Bicep Workouts The Best Strong Arms Exercise

Your upper body is the first thing people notice about you and some good bicep exercises workouts routine can help you build bigger arms and grab some attention. The biceps are a powerful and vital muscle for your overall level of strength and if you want to improve their appearance you need to work on them. These big bicep workouts are key for increasing your arm strength to get your flex on and look good doing it.

There are plenty of exercises to enhance these ‘show’ muscles and give you a fit look. We have mentioned some bicep workouts which can give you the impressive peak. To see definition and strength in your biceps you need to make these exercises a part of your regular routine. Your upper body can get all the attention. You might grab the title of best ‘show’ muscles for the following exercises.

Top 5 Bicep Workouts exercises routine for bigger arms and Strength

Incline Bicep Curl

Bicep Workouts The Best Strong Arms Exercise

One of the bicep exercises workouts that enlarges the bicep long heads. After positioning yourself on the incline bench hold dumbbells in both hands. Curl the dumbbells to your shoulders making use of your biceps and lower them down to your side. Repeat this exercise as many times your instructor guides you to.

Standing Dumbbell curl

Bicep Workouts The Best Strong Arms Exercise

This exercise comes with the benefit of holding the weight for some time in one posture. By doing this your muscles stimulate in a different way apart from just helping new muscle growth. To perform this bicep workout, stand behind a bench elevated at 45 degrees and place the dumbbell in your right hand. Lower the dumbbell and when it reaches beyond the midway maintain the position for 20 seconds. Repeat the similar process now using your left arm.

Kneeling Single Arm Curls

Performing this bicep workout in the kneeling position, you do not need to use your entire body to lift the weight. To start the exercise hold one dumbbells in each hand. Let the left-hand palm face your thighs and right-hand palm face outwards. Now bend your right elbow and curl the dumbbell bringing it closer to your shoulder. Hold this position for 1-2 seconds after which you can lower the weight and retrieve the original position. After finishing the repetition set of your right arm, repeat the same with the left arm.

Hammer Curl

Count this as one of the most impactful curls in the list of bicep workouts as all elbow flexors are a part of the movement. This exercise involves your wrist and forearms in a strong position. To perform this, sit on an exercise bench. With palms facing inwards hold two dumbbells in each hand. Curl the dumbbells bringing it closer to your shoulder and ensure the palms face towards you. Lower down to the initial position and repeat the exercise.

Concentration curls bicep workouts

This special exercise can help you achieve efficiency of approximately 97% for your bicep workout. To perform it accurately spread your legs, bend your knees and sit on a flat bench. With either hand hold the dumbbell between your legs using an underhand grip. Keep the arms extended and curl the dumbbell up using your biceps. On reaching shoulder level maintain the posture for a few minutes. Without swinging your arm lower down to the initial posture and repeat using alternate hands.

If you are hoping to build strong and impressive arms the above-mentioned bicep workouts can prompt even development. Aside from the intensity and focus, is helps keep boredom away and keeps you motivated.

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