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Best Stretches For Flexibility to Improve Strength

Stretching Exercises to develop more strength

Best stretches for flexibility to help your body reach its full potential during a workout session. Doing a stretch might not be that thrilling, but it’s equally important for any fitness routine. Including stretching exercises in your workout will help to enhance your flexibility, develop more strength and bring down muscle tightness. It also protects your body against injury and energizes your muscles.

To enjoy an effective workout and add more strength and agility consider doing a few stretching exercises. Add these exercises to your everyday training for at least 10-15 minutes before and after your workout. It will help you expand your range of movement.

Best stretches for flexibility for Faster Strength Gain

When you have a goal in mind, you wouldn’t want anything to stop you. Putting the focus on mobility will help you improve your strength and speed. Doing these exercises isn’t hard, and with little time you can see the improvements. Check out a few of the Best stretches for flexibility we have listed to help you gain strength and endurance.



Lunges are mostly overlooked, but this exercise improves your balance, adjust muscle imbalances and give more support. Start doing it by standing upright and with your right foot step backward as far as you can. Ensure that your front knee bends a little while the back leg keeps straight. Now lift your pubic bone and press your heel back to the ground while holding your hips forward. Do it again with the different leg and repeat the process two times with each leg. This gives your quads and hip flexors a good stretch.

Tricep Stretch best stretches for flexibility

Triceps stretch

This is a perfect addition to strengthen your neck, shoulders, back and triceps. To perform this stretching exercise either kneel, sit or stand upright. Extend your arms overhead and keep your feet at a hip-width distance. Bend the right elbow and touch the top-middle of your back with the right hand. Using your left-hand hold just below your right elbow. Pull your right elbow near your head and be gentle all the way. Repeat this exercise alternately with each arm for four to five sets.

Butterfly Stretch


To begin, sit on the floor and align your feet together so that your knees are bent out to the sides. Next, using your abs lower down your legs towards your feet while holding your feet with your hands. Make sure you press down on your thighs resulting in the knees touching the floor. This will strengthen your hips, glutes, back, and legs. Do three to five sets for thirty seconds each to lengthen the muscles and improve on stretches for flexibility.

Shoulder Stretch best stretches for flexibility


The most basic stretching exercise is the shoulder stretch. When done right it will make your shoulders strong and energized you during your workout. To perform, stand at a shoulder-width distance while lifting your right arm to the shoulder height. Move your right arm crosswise to your front and using the left arm pull it closer to the chest. Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat this exercise 3 to 5 times while switching between arms.

Stretches for flexibility also help in easing muscle tension. Some people believe stretching exercises contribute to muscle soreness which is a myth. However, when properly executed it will warm up your body and help muscles loosen up. This, also, assist in improving your workout performance and speeds up strength gain.

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