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best workout to get abs

Have you ever wondered what the best ab workouts exercises are? Of course, you have. Who doesn’t love a set of chiseled abs? They look and feel great to have, and they aren’t bad to look at, either. Plus, washboard abs subconsciously tell us a lot about a person, their discipline, and fitness level. Look at someone with clearly defined abs, and you’ll likely think, “Whoa. That guy is fit.” 

Since you’re reading this post, you’re probably interested in developing your abs and making them look good. Before moving forward, it’s worth noting that your abs will appear well only if you’re at a lower body fat percentage. But, for them to look deep and defined, you also need to train them regularly. Like any other muscle in your body, your abs also benefit from tension and stress. To help you with that, we’ve put together a list of the five best ab workouts exercises of all time.

Best Ab Workouts Exercises of All Time

Ab Workout 1

  • Elbow planks – 30 to 60 seconds
  • Weighted side bends – 12 to 20 reps per side
  • Hanging leg lifts – 5 to 15 reps
  • Cable or band woodchoppers – 8 to 15 reps per side

Do this workout in a circuit fashion. Start with planks, do them as outlined, and move to the following movement. Once you go down the list, take a minute or so to catch your breath and give your abs a break, and start over. Aim for two to five rounds. We recommend using a heavy enough dumbbell for the side bends, but you can also use something like a heavy water jug if you’re doing them at home.

For the woodchopper, you would ideally have a cable station. But, if you’re doing these at home, a resistance band can work. Attach it somewhere at roughly chest level, grab the band, and begin to twist horizontally.

Ab Workout 2

  • V-ups – 8 to 15 reps
  • Twisting crunches – 12 to 20 reps
  • Supermans – 5 to 10 reps, holding two to four seconds each time
  • Cable or band kneeling crunches – 12 to 30 reps

Unlike the previous workout, this one mainly consists of movements that don’t require any equipment. With that said, we do urge you to focus on good form when doing your v-ups and superman’s. Both activities are fantastic, but your technique can break down if you’re not careful.

If you get to do this near a cable station – great. If you don’t have access to one, attach a resistance band somewhere, grab onto it, get down on your knees and begin to crunch in. You may want to pick a band with more resistance for this movement. As with the previous workout to get abs, do these movements in a circuit fashion and aim for two to five total rounds.

Ab Workout 3

  • Dead bug – 8 to 10 total reps
  • Heel tap crunches – 16 to 30 total reps
  • Side planks – 30 to 60 seconds per side
  • Ab wheel rollout – 5 to 15 reps

This is a fantastic home-friendly workout to get abs because all you need is an ab wheel, which isn’t expensive. Besides that, the dead bug is a great movement for training your abs, and it also helps you improve your intermuscular coordination and overall balance.

Heel tap crunches and side plans emphasize your obliques more, but they also train your abs reasonably hard. Keeping up with the tradition of the two previous workouts, do this one in a circuit fashion and aim for up to five total rounds.


  • Bird dog – 8 to 10 reps
  • Russian twists – 16 to 30 twists
  • High planks – 30 to 60 seconds
  • Partial sit-ups – 15 to 30 reps

This workout to get abs is a bit more advanced from what we’ve seen so far, but the benefits are tremendous. Most notably, these movements will make your entire core burn. Russian twists are fantastic for building up your obliques, while high planks and bird dog develop core stability and strength. Partial sit-ups serve to help you burn your abs out at the end of each round. Like the other workouts, do these movements sequentially, rest a little between sets, and aim for up to five rounds.


  • Decline crunches – 12 to 25 reps
  • Hollow holds – 15 to 60 seconds
  • Side jackknife – 10 to 20 reps per side
  • Flutter kicks – 20 to 60 seconds

To raise the intensity even higher, we have this quick but intense workout to get abs. Each of these movements is designed to push you hard and help you develop a rock-solid set of abs. 

Decline crunches emphasize your abs, hollow holds force you to engage your entire body, the side jackknife trains your obliques, and flutter kicks fully exhaust your core.

As always, do these movements one after the other, rest a bit between sets, and aim for up to five rounds.

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