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Best Workouts For butt And Stronger Glutes

Top Glute Exercises build stronger better butt

Butt workouts are not only meant for a better-looking rear but they also provide benefits like great posture and an increased bone density to name a few. Butt workout help you with the better function of your body movements and work in conjunction with your core to provide a total body balance. Moreover, the Glute muscles group of three consists of your gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus.

For beginners, try some basic Butt workouts which take about 20 minutes to complete.

Top Butt workouts and Steps to Perform them

Hip Drive



  1. Firstly sit on your knees
  2. Put your legs together to ensure the hips are on your heels
  3. Rise and set down the hips on your heels accordingly
  4. When you lift to the upward position on your knee’s squeeze the glutes to get the maximum potential of the workout exercise for your butt.

Bottoms Up Lunge



  1. For this butt workout Firstly kneel in a staggered position
  2. Bring a foot forward and get your feet in balance.
  3. Push on your heel drive the opposite knee forward to engage the glutes to stand accordingly
  4. Lower the foot back to the staggered position and repeat, alternating to the other foot.

Hip Thrust

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  1. Start in a bridge position with your back on the bench.
  2. Keep your feet shoulder width apart.
  3. Place your hands to the side of your shoulders with fingers facing away from your body
  4. Lower your hips to the ground, then back up to a table like position
  5. Count 1-5/1-10 keeping your glutes squeezed, you can move your arms out to the side to improve balance.
  6. Repeat for 20 repetitions. You can also use a weight plate for extra resistance.

Glute Bridge

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  1. Lie on your back faced up with your knees bent
  2. Lift your hips straight up engaging the glutes
  3. Lower down slowly
  4. Repeat it for a measured time (30-60 seconds)

Side Skaters best workouts for butt

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  1. Stand with your feet together and lean forward a bit
  2. Jump left and right alternatively
  3. Engage your glutes to push off, and land lightly
  4. Take big steps side to side (the movement will resemble that of a speed skater).

Marching Glute Lift

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  1. Lie faced up with bent knees
  2. Lift your hips engaging your glutes
  3. Raise a foot and straighten the leg
  4. Lower the foot and repeat the above step with the other foot
  5. Try not to twist your hips

Chair Squat Jumps best workouts for butt

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  1. Get a good chair ( Chair without a head or armrests)
  2. Sit over the chair with your straight back
  3. Keep your feet hip-width apart
  4. Use your glutes to jump straight up making your feet fly a bit in the air
  5. Land lightly over the chair in a squat position without touching your glutes to the chair.
  6. Repeat it for a measured time

These are the top butt workouts exercises for beginners and experts alike. Some other glute exercises to add to your workout are mentioned below:

Glute workout exercises most importantly help to make your butt strong. They also help in decreasing lower back pain in addition to providing better athletic posture.

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