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Bodybuilding Secrets For Beginners

Bodybuilding Secrets for the Everyday Man

Bodybuilding has come a long way with the advent of sports science and the specific study of exactly how muscle is formed, how it is maintained and what works and what does not work. We’re going to be discussing the latest bodybuilding secrets, some of which are as old as pumping iron itself.

Buildbuilding Secrets that can take your workout to the next level

The bottom line is that sports science has now conclusively proven that the only way to build muscle is to progressively increase the amount of weight that you lift. The obvious result is that you get stronger before you get “bigger”. But the muscle you put on takes time if it does not get the exact requirements needed.

It is these bodybuilding secrets that we are going to discuss so that you can start making a difference and put on muscle fast. The first thing to mention is that the first year of training you will be putting on muscle faster than any other time in your weight training efforts.

This means that we need to separate those of you reading this article who have been training more than a year and those training less than a year. There are certain “tricks” that should not be performed by anyone who has been training less than a year because it can cause serious injury.

Getting Started bodybuilding secrets

When starting off weight training you should do yourself a big favor and focus on getting stronger rather than putting on muscle. It is obvious that getting stronger will result in more muscle but the mind-set is slightly different when you train.

Compound Exercises

To get stronger you need to do compound exercises and get back to basics like squats, deadlift, bench-press and pull-ups. Doing sets of 8 to 12 reps ad you will get you stronger and increase your grip strength. This will result in a thickening of your abdominal cavity (abs), a thicker neck and generally holding more muscle on your body.

Workthrough training plateaus

If you have been training longer than a year and have even got to the point of your first training plateau where you have stopped getting stronger and putting on muscle as a result of this, then it needs to be fixed. There are some very effective bodybuilding secrets for the everyday man that can solve this problem.

Use different weight lifting methods

These bodybuilding secrets range from pyramids, forced reps, negatives, isometrics, plyometric movements and lots more. But whatever new techniques and secret movements you decide to use the bottom line is intensity. Breaking through any and all plateaus is all about increasing the intensity of your workouts.

Train Intensly bodybuilding secrets

Sports science has proven that training more than 45 minutes with a high intensity can force your body into a catabolic state so you need to get your mind-set right to train hard and fast. There are many different variations on this theme and many different variations that you can choose from.

Unfortunately this article is just too short to be able to cover all these highly effective variations to break that dreaded plateau. But they are all readily and freely available online if you care to do a bit of research.

In conclusion you can increase the rate at which you put on muscle if you do the basics first. These basics are getting at least five small meals a day of well-balanced protein, fat and complex carbs, drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day and sleeping 8 hours a night.

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