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Best Workouts for Different Body Types

Best Training Program for Different Body Types

Not all men are created equal. This statement is also true in the fitness arena. For some men no matter how much you work out you will never have that six pack stomach or be able to bench your body weight. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. What you can do is focus on working with what you have and how to maximize your shape whatever it may be. That is why we have put together a few tips on a workout body types plan for different people.

Top Workouts for Different Body Types

Problem area – Arm Length

If you have longer arms for your body you probably have noticed that upper body lifting is more difficult. Since the bar has to travel a greater distance that can put extra strain on your arm bones and shoulders and can lead to injury if you are attempting too much weight. You may want to try less traditional weight training such as Kettlebell and medicine ball exercises to maintain your strength while working those fast twitch muscles. If you have shorter arms bench press and seated upper body lifting will come naturally to you. However when it comes to free weights training such as dead lifts or power cleans shorter arms will force you to bend lower at the waist to come to your starting position and can cause back strain if you do not make adjustments. Try starting with a wider base or start your lift with the bar hanging at your knees.

Body Type Problem area – Square Shaped Midsection

The broad back slim waist look will probably never happen for you if you have a straight up and down square torso. No matter how hard you train you can’t change your genetic makeup. But that’s no reason to give up on your fitness goals. Workout your Ab muscles and your obliques to keep your core firm and give you a slimmer appearance. Also well defined legs will help you balance out your shape so don’t neglect legs day.

Body Type Problem Area – Hand Size

Whether your hands are too big or too small both can cause challenges while lifting weights. Small hands tend to not be able to hold their grip as long while larger hands may have difficulty grasping smaller objects. If you have small hands work on grip exercises or use hand held grip trainers to help improve your grasps. If you have larger hands try to avoid dumbbells with small handles or other exercise equipment where you have to strain to hold on.

There is no such thing as a perfect body so no matter your somatotype, if you are too big, too small or just right. You can find the right body types workout plan for different body types to maximize your full potential.

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