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Gym Mistakes You should Avoid When Working out

Gym Mistakes You should Avoid When Working out

The first day of a new year is when most beginners hit the gym. All those ‘New Year, New Me’ vibes finally get you there, and you are overwhelmed to start a healthy life. Now before you start walking on the tough path you have chosen to earn a healthy life. It’s important to be aware of some common mistakes beginner cannot do at gym to avoid potential pitfalls.

Top 5 Beginners Gym Mistakes that Can Wreck Your Progress

1.       Skipping warm-up exercise

Gym Mistakes You should Avoid When Working out

Not warming up is one of the most common gym mistakes that many beginners are guilty of. Even though omitting warm-up exercise saves you time, it does not do you any good. You may end up getting injured during a stressful training session and make you miss future works while you recover. So take a few minutes before your workout with a few simple warm-up exercises like jumping jacks, dynamic stretches or a quick jog on the treadmill.

2.       Having a lifting session AFTER cardio

Gym Mistakes You should Avoid When Working out

Although it may seem easy to do cardio first, it must always be done after your lifting session. The reason for this is pretty simple. Since cardio increases your heart rate, almost acting as a warm-up, it leaves you with almost no energy by the time you find yourself under the bar. Then you will be fatigued, and will not be able to lift many weights. To avoid this, common gym mistake always go for cardio after your lifting session.

3.       Ignoring the need to time your rest periods

Gym Mistakes You should Avoid When Working out

Rest periods can you to keep continuing the exercise effectively. Depending on the workout your rest periods between sets should range from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Timing your rest will help your workout be more time effective and help you from getting distracted in conversation and losing track of your workout.

Set a target of leaving the gym at a specific time. Usually for a weight lifting workout one hour should be sufficient so you don’t waste too much time on rest periods. To help you time, wear a smart wach or use an app on your phone.

4.       Not having a plan gym mistakes

One of the worst mistakes a beginner can do at gym is not having a workout plan. Showing up at the gym and going from machine to machine doing random lifts won’t lead to the results you are looking for.  If you have a training plan it allow you to look at your progress and keep track success and failures.

A good way to have a plan that works is to have a training buddy. Make sure he is as determined as you are, so you guys can discuss your plan and train according to it.

5.  Staying in the same routine gym mistakes

Before you know it, this will bore you, and you will not be determined to workout. To keep yourself motivated, keep changing the exercises or their variables, like reps and sets after every few weeks. You can even find fitness apps to give you a preplanned workout plan that will cycle your training and keep you motivated in your workout.

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