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High Intensity Back Workout Routine

High Intensity Back Workout

Building muscles to successfully create that thick wide v-shaped back can be one of the most difficult tasks ever to be accomplished both for beginners and even professional weight lifters. Many professional weightlifters will testify that not only does having a well-defined back gives the physique a wider and more powerful look immediately identifying them as a bodybuilder but it has the additional feature of creating the illusion of having a smaller waist. Milos Sarcev the IFFB pro bodybuilder in an interview, stated that by successfully having a proportionately large v-shaped, strong back remains a critical factor in building the perfect physique so we believe high intensity hiit back workout will help you achieve Your goal.

High Intensity hiit back Workout to build lean muscle mass

Several bodybuilders today have been known to not implement back workout routines within their training as many are not accustomed to viewing this particular part of the body and instead have become more focused on strength training routines for increasing chest muscles failing to realize the great disservice they are doing to their physique.

Targeted Training Sessions

To successfully develop the back it is vital that strength training workouts are so designed to target specific muscle sets of the back during respective training sessions. Many bodybuilders have been able to complete this task by implementing a variety of training exercises designed at increasing width, thickness and mid-back muscles.

A high intensity back workout like any other bodybuilding exercises are divided into a series of movements based on isolation and multi-jointed bodily movements designed to increase the width of the upper back, and increase muscular mass within the smaller back muscles including, the infraspinatus, traps, teres, and the rhomboids by doing wide grip pull-ups in addition to a variety of other exercises. Simulation of rowing motions are also used in back training exercises to primarily increase the thickness of the bid-back muscles and to a small extent overall width.

Best Back Exercises for high intensity back workout

Wide grip pull-ups are seen as the holy grain with respect to high intensity back workouts simply due to the fact that they are to date the best known exercises for effectively developing back muscles. This workout can be easily performed by the user grabbing the bar with an overhand grip of at least one and a half times the shoulder width. While keeping both arms perfectly straight and crossing the ankles behind and hanging at arms length.This position is referred to as a dead hang. By squeezing both shoulder blades together while pulling the arms down in a forceful manner the chest is pulled towards the bar. The exercise is completed by lifting the body to touch the bar with the top of the chest the body is then lowered to a dead hang completing one rep.

These high intensity back workout exercises when performed in collaboration with a series of high frequency underhand chin-ups, and dead-lifts will allow the body to naturally simulate specific exercise motions commonly used in pull downs, low pulley rows and t-bar rows. These exercises performed will target the section of the back known as the latissimus dorsi otherwise known as the broadest muscle within the back and commonly referred to as lats by many bodybuilders.

Free Weight Back Exercises

Several free weight exercises have been used by bodybuilders for increasing mid-back muscles to create a thick and powerful appearance, such exercises include:

▪ Dumbbell Rows
▪ Barbell Rows
▪ Underhand Barbell grip Rows
▪ T-Bar Rows

The goal of a successful high intensity hiit back workout is to effectively stimulate each set of muscle groups within the back through an short intense high frequency workout to allow overall muscle mass and development. By using a series of compounded moves to stimulate muscle growth by isolating and targeting specific areas you will be able to create that perfect wide v-shaped strong thick back.

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