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How To Bench Press Your Bodyweight

Guide to Bench your Bodyweight

The bench press is a staple of any weight lifter, bodybuilder or power lifters regimen, along with this comes the most asked question in the gym- how much can you bench? Well if you want to improve that number with genuine results and bench press your bodyweight.

Read more below on how to bench press your bodyweight.

Get started

When you bench press your bodyweight it works your pectorals but also hits the anterior deltoids and triceps. Be sure to work your shoulders and triceps on different days, allowing ample time to recover and maximize full strength potential of each muscle group. Many people suffer from lagging tris or delts, impeding their muscle gains on the bench. So take note of all three and remember that the body works as a unit.

Good form

Good form is key to success when you bench press your bodyweight; you should use an overhand, slightly wider than shoulder width grip. Also remember to never lock your elbows at the top of the repetition, this takes tension off of the muscle and places it on your elbow joints. This is bad and we don’t want this to happen. Have your feet firmly on the floor and back in position on the bench to keep your stability throughout the range of motion.

Use a trusted spotter

To really go heavy on bench press, you need to have a good spotter to assist you in starting the rep, assuring you don’t injure yourself, get you past sticking points, motivate you, help you push past the failure zone and re-rack the bar. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good spot, they are your guardian angel and key to progression on the bench press.

Control your breathing to bench press your bodyweight

It is natural to hold your breath during heavy lifts and straining exertion, but the muscles need blood and oxygen to work so try and get plenty of air into your lungs before you attempt your 1 rep max. Breathing in through your nostrils will fill up your air bags quicker. Go to it!

The majority of lifters who have been training a while will have reached this benchmark, but for new lifters benching your own bodyweight is a great milestone to achieve. Utilize all of these tips and you will be well on your way to benching your bodyweight! There is not a magic answer to achieve this, yet a plethora of avenues you must assess to fully understand the dynamics and execution of a good bench press. Our last tip is to not focus on what others are lifting, only compare with yourself.

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