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How to Get Bigger Shoulders With This Workout

How to Get Bigger Shoulders

Men are always trying to get bigger shoulders simply because it makes your waist look smaller and you get the ‘Adonis’ look. Extensive research has shown that all women are subconsciously more attracted to the Adonis look than the ‘Apple’ or ‘Pear’ look in men.

Tips to Get Bigger Shoulders

The Adonis look basically is shoulders that are a lot wider than your hips. Adding muscle to your shoulders needs strength as well as focused attention to your three deltoids heads. We will be discussing the most effective way to add muscle onto your shoulders quickly.

Research says that over 80% of all weight trainers and bodybuilders get shoulder problems at some time or another. You need to first make sure that you are correctly warmed up before you start lifting heavy weights and reaching failure when training your shoulders.

The Warm Up get bigger shoulders

You should warm up by swinging your arms around and sideways and it is strongly recommended that you do ten reps of diamond push-ups to stretch the connective tissue attached to your rotator cuff. Diamond push-ups are done by pointing your hands facing each other when you do a normal push-up.

Choosing the right program

Although the 5×5 training program is a good way to put on muscle fast it can be a problem if you are susceptible to any injury in your shoulder. It is recommended that you rather stick to the 12, 10, 8, 6 sets rather.

Movements like Military press for your anterior and medial deltoid are good but you should do other exercises for your posterior or rear deltoid. Exercises like the bent-over dumbbell raise is a good exercise to specifically isolate this muscle group.

Pre-exhaust Training get bigger shoulders

It is a good idea to always start with your heavy movements or movements that use a heavy weight first so that you can pre-exhaust the deltoids. Seated dumbbell press or military press with a barbell will probably be your heaviest shoulder exercise that you do.

After completing this movement you should then move onto movements like upright rows or lateral raise using dumbbells or to isolate the rear deltoid a bent-over dumbbell raise as mentioned above. Training with high intensity is a great way to get results fast and you should make sure that you are increasing your strength or the weight you lift with every workout.

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