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How To Increase Squat Max Dramatically

How to Increase your Squat Max program

The squat max is the king of all exercises, always has been and always will be and if you ask the top bodybuilders they will tell you the same. It all has to do with getting strong because the stronger you are the more muscle you will carry. To increase your natural core strength you need to increase squat max workout program.

Guide to increase your squat max program

The famous Dr. Squat was a man called Fred Hatfield who has not only done extensive studies on the squat but also has shown many bodybuilders and power-lifters how to break through the 1000 pound squat barrier. As Fred himself will tell you the bottom line is the technique or form that you use to squat max.

Learn the Proper Squat Technique

  1. The first step in learning to squat max correctly is starting correctly and that does not mean bending your knees.
  2. The first thing that needs to bend when you start off on a squat is not your knees but your hips.
  3. Like you are just about to sit down on a chair you need to stick your backside out.

Use your entire body not just your legs

If you are watching someone squat max correctly from the side then the weight will be going straight up and down and not moving forward or backwards.

When you are squatting like this you are using your whole body to lift the weight and not just your legs.

Bar Placement to increase squat max

The next important point when squatting correctly is where you place the bar. Placing the bar too high on your back or neck can make you bend too far forward over your center of gravity. This will cause your hips to be thrown out of sync at the bottom of the squat and directly affect your form or technique.

Placing the bar too low on the back could cause the bar to roll down and be placing too much stress on the rotator cuffs. The best place to put the bar is between the lower traps and the upper rear deltoids. Power-lifters call this the “shelf” which may cause your elbows to come up which is not a problem.

Your Grip

The next point is the grip that you have on the bar which should be a tight grip and not a flimsy loose grip. Be very weary of not widening your grip too wide as the wider it is the more chance the bar has of rolling down on your back while you are busy increase squat max.

Foot Placement

The next issue is your foot placement which can be vital and will depend on your own specific genetics. Any easy rule is lifters with larger hips will have a more effective squat by widening their stance. It takes a bit of practice to find your ideal stance but you need to be aware of the stance and foot placement before you lift the weight off the rack.

Breathing Technique to increase squat max

Your breathing is vital when trying to squat heavy. You should never exhale on the decent when squatting. You should take a inhale and hold your breath as you go down on the squat then exhale on the way up. Some power-lifters actually scream on the way up but you need to find what works best for you. Now that you have all the details about squatting correctly the next step is to concentrate on getting stronger and increasing your one squat max.

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