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Lifting Routine Program For Beginners

5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Lifting Routine

Many of the lifting routine exercise plans used in the fitness industry today often need to be modified on a regular basis to benefit from a continuous result allowing the person training to achieve a better look and feel about themselves when embarking on their lifting workouts routine plan.

How to set up the perfect lifting routine plan

Although this principle is often difficult to adopt into the conventional lifting workouts routine trainers have found that by introducing a proactive plan of action to the basic body lifting routine has provided a large number of men with the necessary motivation to an otherwise boring workout additionally allowing them to break through their fitness plateau with a satisfying and stimulating upgraded exercise workout plan.

Keep an eye on the clock

One of the effective techniques used by a number of trainers in their training programs included the watching of the clock. A large number of the popularly used exercise workouts in the fitness industry today suffer from time wasted on simple conversation in addition to the unnecessary trips to the water cooler.

High Intensity Training lifting routine

Scientific studies have observed that training based on a short exercise workout performed at a high intensity offer the person with more favorable results. As such during training most experienced professional trainers will strongly suggest using a stopwatch as a strict guide for the duration of the workout and scheduled rest times additionally ensuring that individuals training take with them a water bottle to keep hydrated without having to travel walk over to a water fountain.

Active Rest, and don’t forget to flex

One example of a high intensity workout known for increasing fat-burning and improving muscular build is scheduling a sixty second period in-between exercise sets for a short cardio training exercise such as jumping rope or short sprints to boost the metabolism while developing strength.
Striking a pose or strength training posture has generally been found to be a viable solution to the occasionally lethargic workout routine. Flexing selective muscle groups during the exercise workout and holding the position for a number seconds constitutes what is known among professional bodybuilders as the static hold or isometric exercise.

Isometric Exercise

Traditionally isometric exercises have been widely used by professional bodybuilders as a means of providing a number of endurance and strength benefits to the workout through a range of recognized isotonic movements. A simple yet effective way of introducing this training discipline to improve the body lifting routine is with the basic stability ball wall squat exercise known for targeting the gluteus and thighs holding the static position of the exercise for a period of no less than thirty seconds to increase muscle build and endurance.

Mix Free Weights and Machines

Although exercise machines are renown for making the typical resistance training workout more user-friendly most conventional trainers have often felt that they are not as effective as a typical training routine conducted with the assistance of free weights. Adding free weights to the typical body lifting routine has been proven in targeting and recruiting more stabilizing muscle groups resulting in increased calorie burn than training recognizing the use of weight machines.

Stability Exercises lifting routine

Generally a great workout does not need to give a visual appearance of a graceful ballet performance but by introducing a little instability to the workout has been known to provide great results. Exercises often requiring the individual to execute a level of stability are known for stimulating muscle growth via the targeting and engaging of more muscle groups, particularly core muscles than those exercises performed in a fixed position. As such many of the traditional body lifting exercises have been modified by including a BOSU Balance Trainer or BOSU ball to add some instability whereby challenging the balance of the individual training.

Balance your muscle building

Most professional athletes, such as soccer professional runners and football players are known for having a dominant side in their training and during competition events. This has resulted in the implementation of a number of training programs designed to target and balance their muscular build and equalize strength by introducing a range of exercises forcing the athlete’s arms and legs to work independently. One effective exercise technique used by professional trainers is the single-arm pushup or pistol squat to develop core strength performing exercise sets consisting of a minimum of ten reps on each side.

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