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Medicine Ball exercises For Strength

The Complete Medicine Ball Workout

The medicine ball exercises or med ball exercises as they call it, The ball is a heavy ball about the size of a basketball that generally weighs between 2 – 25lbs that is used for plyometric weight training, abdominal, and other various exercises. The med ball is one of the oldest forms of strength and conditioning training on record. Their history can be traced to ancient times where animal bladders were stuffed with sand and used by wrestlers in Persia and Greece for strength training and injury prevention. Needless to say modern technology has come a long way. Now med balls are mostly constructed of a smooth rubber exterior and hollow on the inside to allow for bouncing.

Here are some tips before you start your medicine ball exercises

Before you start doing the medicine ball exercises make sure you have a good upper body base and some room to jump, throw and move around comfortably.

Med Ball Workout

These workout exercises can be done with a partner or up against the wall if you’re solo.

Med Ball Twist

start with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and hold the med ball directly out in front of your belly button and gently swing side to side.

Over Head Circles medicine ball exercises

Hold the med ball directly over your head and slowly move it around in large circles using your abs and your legs to support the motion.

Squat and Throw

Hold the ball in the center of your chest, squat down and rise up to throw the ball forward to a partner.

Twist and Throw

Medicine ball exercises, Stand sideways to your target and use a twisting motion to toss the ball across your body to your partner.

Overhead throw

Hold the ball over your head and throw to your partner stepping out with one foot forward and slightly bending at the waist upon release.

Behind the back throw

Stand with your back facing your partner then drop the ball down between your legs and toss back overhead to your partner.

One hop chest pass medicine ball exercises

take a few paces back facing your partner. Squat with the ball at your chest and take one hop forward and release the ball like a basketball chest pass.

Overhead med ball sit up

Lie on your back with your knees slightly bent. Perform a sit up while holding the ball overhead pausing at the top and hold for two seconds before lowering your back.

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