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Best Medicine Ball Workouts Routine

Medicine Ball Workout

Using only an eight pound medicine ball for an entire body workout doesn’t generally appeal to the average gym-goer. However it should be noted that this routine is the very program used by University of Northern Carolina coach by the name of Jonas Sahratian. He used it to bring the popular Tar Heels basketball program to their optimum championship performance level. This complete medicine ball workouts routine is such designed to allow the user to achieve a rock solid body, thus improving fat burning and overall athletic performance.

The Ultimate Medicine Ball Workouts Routine

Joe Sahratian refers to his routine as the Medical Ball 400 with the value four hundred in direct relation to the number of repetitions. Beginners however are recommended to start this specific program with only 200 repetitions.

The Medical Ball Workouts or beginners Medical Ball 200 should be performed after completing their normal workout or performed by itself three to four days each week. The routine is performed by a standard eight to ten pound medical ball easily purchased at your local sporting goods store.

The medicine ball workouts routine consists of a series of the following ten exercises to be completed in twenty repetitions for the average beginner.

Big Circle

The Big Circle starts with the ball extended above the head with the feet apart and the knees in a slightly bent position. Keeping the elbows straight the ball is rotated with the arms in a clockwise direction drawing large invisible circles towards the front of the body. This exercise motion should be completed ten times in a clockwise direction and then ten more in the anti-clockwise direction.


The Woodchopper is also started standing with the feet apart with the med ball held above the head. The user will then bend forward simulating the motion of tossing the ball backwards between the legs and then returning to the initial position.

Standing Russian Twist: medicine ball workouts routine

In this exercise the ball is held towards the front of the user’s chest with both arms straight. The motion is completed as the person will pivot on the right foot then without dropping the arms the torso along with the ball are rotated as much as possible then return to the initial position and then reverse the direction of pivot using the left foot.

Squat to Press

Here the medicine ball is held close to the chest using both hands. By pushing the knees and hips backwards the body is lowered until both thighs are parallels towards the floor. Then by driving the heels towards the surface the body is pushed in an upward motion to the initial position but this time with the ball held firmly over the head then lowering the medicine ball towards to the chest.

Medicine Ball Sit-up

In this exercise the medicine ball should be held using both hands while lying on the back. Both knees should be at ninety degree angles with both feet positioned flat on the floor. With the ball held firmly against the chest the typical sit-up should be performed by raising the torso to an upward sitting position and then lowering to the starting position.

Rocky Solo Exercise medicine ball workouts routine

This exercise consists of the user sitting on the floor keeping both legs extended with both feet together. The medicine ball should be held using both hands slightly above the lap. The user then twists the body as far as possible to the left placing the medicine ball behind them. The ball is then picked up and returned to the start position. This should be completed in a series of ten repetitions to the left and then followed by ten on the right.

Toe Touch

To start the medicine ball is held with both hands fully extended above the head while laying on their back with both feet at right angles to the floor. Keeping both legs in the same position the torso and arms are lifted until the medicine ball successfully touches the toes then returning to the start position.

45 Degree Twist

This exercise is done by the user holding the medicine ball while sitting on the floor with both arms fully extended in front of the chest. The motion is initiated as the person leans back at a 45 degree angle raising both legs feet slightly off the floor. Keeping in this position the ball and torso are rotated as far as possible towards the right and then towards the left before returning to the starting position.

The Suitcase Crunch: medicine ball workouts routine

It begins as the user lays flat on their back with arms fully extended above the head holding the medicine ball and both legs and feet flat on the floor. The medicine ball should be positioned just slightly above the ground. The motion is completed by the user raising the torso while simultaneously bending the right knee towards the chest and positioning the medicine ball over the knee and towards the foot. This motion is then reversed using the left knee.

Diagonal Crunch

Here the user will hold the medicine ball while laying on the floor with both legs spread apart. The user will then roll onto the left hip and position the medical ball with both arms straight at a 10 o’clock position over the head. The torso and arms are then raised and the ball held in a position over the floor and between the legs. The user will then roll onto the right hip and position the ball in a 2 o’clock position and repeat the motion before the starting position.

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