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Morning Workout Routine to Build Muscle

Morning Workout exercise routine

One of the most effective ways to start your engine and rev up those calorie burn is to hit the ground with an early morning workout exercise routine at home or at the gym. If you’re someone who value a few extra minutes of beauty sleep especially when it’s still dark out, you’re probably thinking to yourself that somewhere out there must be an easier solution.

How to amp up your morning workout exercise routine

However if you’re accustomed to training at a local gym during weekdays or even weekends then you already know you are entitled to get an early night sleep and make it out of bed a few minutes earlier than usual for an effective morning workout exercise routine.

Your body after sleeping in excess of six hours has been observed to experience a spinal decompression characteristically resulting in the discs filling up with water resulting in that stiff back feeling we sometimes feel in the mornings.

Ease into your workout

Starting your morning routine with any excessive weightlifting activity with a stiff back significantly increases the possibility of a severe back injury; so one thing you should always remember in your morning workout session is to skip the heavy weight lifting exercises. Now don’t get us wrong, We are not saying you shouldn’t lift any loads at all during the workout, but try not to include any form of weight lifting training exercises during the first thirty to forty-five minutes of the workout.

Rise and Shine

It has been a useful practice of weightlifters and bodybuilders when training to begin their morning workout by getting up an hour earlier prior to exercising to allow the body enough time to adapt.

If your training workout required you to spend time at your gym then it’s always best to plan your morning routines before schedule just enough to make the most of the time you’ll spend at the gym. Remember time is precious, and even more when you’re talking about swapping out some of your beauty sleep.

Fuel up pre-workout

You’ll want to probably get to the gym with plan in hand scheduling your target muscles for training often by beginning with a light form of exercise to prepare the body for the more intense workout ahead. The first thing you should strongly consider before performing any type of early morning workout is to fuel your body before you exercise. Remember “Never train on an empty stomach”.

Get a full warm-up morning workout

We can’t stress enough the importance of warming up before any workout. Most importantly in the case of an early morning training session and the spinal decompression. Whether you’re training at the gym or at home there are a wide range of exercises you can perform to benefit from an effective warm-up section such as a foam roll or any dynamic form of standing exercises easily performed at home including wall slides, high knees, and one of our all-time favorites, jumping jacks.

Supersets for better time efficiency

If you want the most out of your morning routine you can try one of our personal supersets for a great experience.
Don’t forget to warm-up.

You’re going to begin the superset with five reps of the Horizontal Push, bench press or a variation of the dumbbell press followed by five reps of the Vertical Pull as in pull-ups or chin-ups. Complete these exercises in three sets.

Single Leg Exercises morning workout

Next we’re going to get you started on some Single Leg Movement exercises such as the reverse lunge, step up or walking lunge. Do eight reps of any one of these exercises alternatively for each leg. Follow up with ten reps of a Horizontal Row exercise like the dumbbell row, TRX row or even the seated cable row. Again complete the session in three sets.

You should be feeling pretty pumped by now, so get ready for the nest sets.

Move on to your Nest Sets

Target your hips, thighs, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and build your upper and lower back muscles to develop your core strength with the Squat or Deadlift. Perform five to eight reps of either the traditional front squat, back squat, sumo deadlift or trap bar deadlift in three sets.

Continue the routine with eight reps of the side-lying external rotation to target your rotator cuff, ending with the cable core press to train your entire core as well as your hip muscles, abdominals and lower back. Perform in three sets.

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