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Realistic Fitness Goals To Suit Your Genetics

Setting Realistic Goals to Suit Your Genetics

Genetics play a part in everything and part of our genetics as a human being is to have  realistic goals for this we need a sense of direction and a chosen route. These aspects are by far the most important in Setting realistic body fitness exercise goals to suit your genetics for your dream physique. When we are seeking these improvements to our body.

How to set realistic fitness goals for your body type

This can include feedback from others or how we feel in our clothes, both can keep us readily focused. A list of realistic fitness goals can ensure your path is not marred with frustration and false promise. All of us have limitations and are simply human. A good example of this is the bell curve theory. By setting a goal against the rest of humanity your results will land somewhere on this curve. Imagine you wanted to be a professional bodybuilder, these guys have exceptional genetics for building muscle mass and retaining low body fat levels. They are blessed with six pack abs and short tendons and everything else required for the pro look.

The general population are not blessed with such genetics, many of them have personal drive but to become a pro bodybuilder. One must possess both personal drive and great genetics. A great way to assess your genetic potential is to look at your physique before you started training. Are you naturally skinny, overweight or muscular? and how realistic is your fitness goals.

After this, you should assess your structure and how your body responds to food intake and training. Obtaining a good physique is possible regardless of genetics but not everybody has the potential to turn professional.  but you have to set  list of realistic body fitness exercise goals.

Ectomorph- realistic fitness goals

Classically known as a hard gainer, starting out skinny with a small or tall bone structure and long tendons. The muscle bellies have a harder time filling out, your metabolic rate is fast so you can consume thousands of calories just to gain a few lbs. Any muscle you do gain takes time and is very hard to maintain. Often very lean and can take a long time to get big.


The Endomorph is body type that can build muscle successfully but is also prone to storing fat. These guys are usually quite big and strong but have a slow metabolism; finding it hard to obtain a six pack without burning muscle mass. They often have a rounder, or chubbier appearance and are prone to weight gain.

Mesomorph- realistic fitness goals

The mesomorph is the alpha in the gym. This body type has the natural ability to gain muscle fast while maintaining a low body fat percentage with relative ease. Mesomorphs are the most likely to have the genetic potential to become a professional bodybuilder.

Be aware of your genetics, don’t let them hold you back but also don’t set your hopes too high for goals that may not be achievable by setting realistic fitness goals to suit your genetics you wont be disappointed. We can all achieve a better body, you just have to have the right mind set to get there.

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