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Running A Marathon And The Benefits

Marathon running: 5 Reasons You Should Run a Marathon

Did you know that running a marathon not only makes you exceptionally fit but also makes you aware of your social responsibility? Marathon running comes with its own perks and has a positive impact on your body. It is important for your first marathon to train with someone who has experience or a running group to get you started. With adequate preparation and guidance it will help you avoid injuries and set you up for success. Also, they can share valuable marathon running tips and techniques which will only add on to your advantage.

If you are beginner running a marathon, you may want to begin by participating in a half marathon for your first run. Running a marathon means running a great distance summing up to 26.2 miles. While the half marathon distance is precisely half the distance of a marathon that is 13.1094 miles.  It is an excellent way to challenge your body to its extreme both physically and mentally. While you may come up with many excuses why you shouldn’t run marathon, in this article we will explain why you should.

Top 5 reasons to Run the next Marathon!

The Joy of Accomplishing your Goal

Marathon running: 5 Reasons You Should Run a Marathon

Non-marathon runners will find it difficult to understand how running a marathon can become addictive. When you tick off running a marathon from your bucket list to achieve the joy is unbelievable. After accomplishing the challenge and reaching the finish line, you feel like a different person altogether. Achieving what you thought was impossible is a rewarding experience. The achievement doesn’t feel bad even if you finish last. It is instead a test to see how healthy you are both mentally and physically.

Improve your Fitness Form

Marathon running: 5 Reasons You Should Run a Marathon

When you run the full distance, you will observe that your strength and endurance dramatically improves. The benefits such as your heart becomes stronger, circulation increases and yo muscles gain more power. As the heart improve strength, it pumps blood to all your organs in your body. Also, with muscle endurance, you will find yourself having lesser injuries. Apart from the physical improvements, your mental level becomes more upbeat.

To properly train for running a marathon as a beginner, you should try including a few of these essential men’s fitness workouts in your routine. Here are some staple moves which have been tried and tested over the years and will help you get Super Fit.


Marathon running: 5 Reasons You Should Run a Marathon

The Deadlift is also the invincible master of all exercises you should include to target all vital muscle groups. It helps with a large amount of muscle building in your body. For marathon runners, the fitness plan is surely incomplete without this in your workout routine.

Suspended Pushup

man doing suspended pushup

The vast majority of fitness trainers go gaga over suspended training systems such as TRX and do not fail to promote it. Over the years the fitness novices and pros have realized its benefits. This pushup is best when aiming for strength training for runners at the gym. Marathon runners can develop greater strength and muscles in no time, unlike other pushup variations.  

Back Squat

man doing back squats

Another useful exercise that helps for all the major muscle groups just like deadlifts is the back squat. This is the king of exercise for leg building, and no other training can beat it. If you ask any athlete about their favorite and reliable exercises, you will find this on the list. The back squat increases your overall strength and stamina and helps in running fast and jumping high. Count this is as one trusty marathon running tips and don’t avoid it when you are training.

Hamstring Curl

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Do this on a physio ball, and it will help to reduce the stress off your knees. Doing a hamstring curl make your upper and lower body match movement with each other. It is a brilliant pick for your hamstrings and glutes. Another advantage is that this workout does not put any major joints of your body at danger.  

Beat the Barriers and Raise Confidence

rise in confidence

Training for running a marathon involves acknowledging that it’s hard work. It is crucial for runners to understand and listen to their body. Find out the best days for you to train and listen when you can’t do anymore. Your training also relies on how well you cope with all the stress your body undergoes. Over-training in any way will not improve your athletic performance. It will increase the risk of injuries. With proper training, you will develop a true sportsmanship and confidence. Completing the run will fill you with satisfaction and a sense of triumph to boost your confidence.

Strong Character Development

build strong character

With training everyday and finally running a marathon for the full distance, you will feel a sense of success. This is not limited just to running. While training you include a lot of planning, and commit to a lot of hard work. All this significantly contributes to building a strong character. It helps you in setting achievable goals, improves your organizational skills and makes you more disciplined.

Running a marathon for beginners to Lose Weight

aid in losing weight

Are you trying all the fad diets to keep off the weight? Why not participate in the next marathon? With your daily training, you will be able to lose weight effectively. Running helps you achieve a healthy weight as it develops your fat-burning capacity. Follow a good marathon training plan and map out your long runs. Gradually you can pick up a faster pace when you want to challenge yourself and achieve set goals.

Running a marathon for beginners is surely an incredible fitness achievement you will be proud of sharing. With dedication and determination, once you achieve that primary goal, you will feel life changing. Moreover, do enough resistance exercises and train well and see how your energy and performance improves over time.  

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