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Simple Exercises To Lose Belly Fat in 10 Minutes

quickly burning the belly fat

If belly fat is your prime concern, let’s start your exercising today Don’t make excuses like ‘I don’t have time to workout’ and ‘Gyms membership are too expensive’ at home workout that In fact only takes about 10 minutes of simple exercises to lose belly fat to get great abs. You heard that right. Just 10 minutes out of your daily schedule is all you need. In fact, this is as easy as it gets. We are sure your busy schedule will allow at least 10 minutes a day, So are you ready? Let jump into it.

Simple Exercises to lose belly fat and drop the gut

How to get started

Warm-up: First, run at the same spot for about 60 seconds. To begin perform each of these exercises for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds rest. Later, follow the entire routine two times, making it an entirety of 8 minutes. Cooldown: To conclude, run at the same spot for about 60 seconds again.


burpees as belly fat burner

Start your burpee exercises to lose belly fat in the standing position and move to a squatting position with your hands tightly placed on the ground. Thrust your feet back into a plank pose, while keeping your arms stretched. Finally return your feet into the squat position and slowly stand up from the squat position.

Jumping Jacks

jumping jacks

These simple jumping exercises to lose belly fat is done by skipping to a position with your legs divided at hip-width wide and the arms extended, Then, you skip back to the previous position with the feet placed together and the arms rested at your sides.


pushups for burning belly fat

Do a simple push-up, start with a plank position with your arms extended and lifting and lowering your body by just using your arms. There are several different variations of push-ups, however, this version works perfectly well.

Sumo Squats simple exercises to lose belly fat

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Stand with your legs spread wide and toes pointing outwards. Bend your knees while you drop your hips deep enough so that your thighs are parallel with the floor. Keep your weight on your heels, while you rise up, straightening the legs to come together.

Exercises to lose belly fat – Mountain Climbers

mountain climbers

To begin the mountain climbers exercises to lose belly fat, start with a plank position and pull your right knee into your chest. Afterward, push your right leg back into position and pull your left knee into the chest. Finally, continue to switch knees as you mimic a “running” motion.

Jumping Oblique Twist

jumping oblique twist

For the jumping oblique twist stand upright with your feet placed firmly together and arms stretched forward. Retain your body faced forward while you skip 3-4 inches off the spot and wrap your feet towards the right and skip again while you twist your feet to the left. These are simple exercises to lose belly fat


superman workout for belly fat burning

Lie while you face downwards as your arms and legs extend and your neck in a straight and inert position. Immediately, slowly elevate your arms and legs upwards while you arch your back. Hold for a few seconds while you lower your back to the former position .

Lateral Jumps simple exercises to lose belly fat

lateral jumps

Lateral jumps are one of the great exercises to lose belly fat that not only burn fat but help build muscle. Stand up with your feet placed apart at hip-width and go to a slight squat position while you bend your knees a tiny bit. Now leap off on both feet while you land softly toward the right side and immediately jump again towards the left.

Doing these belly fat burning exercises with proper technique as per the recommended duration, you will end up shedding belly fat in know time.

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