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The Strongman Workout to Build Strong Muscles

The Strongman Workout training program

It is highly noted that Strongman competitors are legendary. However, you don’t have to be from Poland or Iceland to do a strongman workout exercises training program. The process is simple and achievable in your very own gym.

Many aspiring strongmen have hit the gym doing squats, bench press, various pull exercises. And in so doing have successfully increased their body mass and muscle. However many people are not that fortunate to be able to train at a gym having those equipment necessary for effective strongman workout training. The bottom line is, if you want to be a strongman, you need to get into the mindset of a strongman and train like one.

Strongman workout exercises training program to get you ripped

The Strongman Workout training program

The strongman workout training exercises require you to condition yourself and develop a wide scale of abilities. They do this through specific-event training while having fun.

One of the amazing attributes about strongman workout training is it’s simplicity. Your pockets don’t have to be lined with cash and attend the state of the art gym to be strong. It’s simple physics; find something to lift and do it.

There are quite a few tools of the trade which will enable you to effectively use any weight room. Apex bars or fat bars are very effective when used in coordination with Olympic bars, it is suggest you use them. However if your gym doesn’t have either I strongly suggest you invest in a pair of thick grips such as Fat Gripz. These are quite inexpensive and are a worthwhile investment for your strongman workout training.

Three specific techniques essential to the strongman training


The Strongman Workout to Build Strong Muscles

A successful deadlift generally requires total raw body strength. Strong deadlifts will effectively lead to strengthen your posterior chain, from your traps, to your calves, and a firm grip, perfecting your core strength and develop the ability to effectively use your body as a single powerful unit.

First start off at your gym by doing your deadlifts from various positions doing partial lifts such as rack pulls, pin pulls or even pulls from blocks. Use your Fat Gripz or even an axle bar and try doing an overhand grip.

Overhead Press strongman workout

This training technique is an effective indicator of your strength and raw power. Get yourself familiar with a variation of pressing exercises such as push-presses and jerk-presses. Similarly as done in the deadlift training try pressing with thick bars or multi-grips. At home you can also continue this technique using sandbags, logs as well as any irregular objects.

Loaded Carries the strongman workout

This technique is so simple, it’s self-explanatory. Find something heavy and pick it up. In the strong man loaded carries are done in several forms with the farmer’s walk and stone loading race being the more common. These events are based on using extreme grip strength and require using the entire body collectively to move the suggested object.

The great thing about this training is, you probably have a number of heavy objects at home to practice this technique provided you can find the adequate space to do it. Start by building your grip and carrying strength by doing the farmer’s walk with a pair of dumbbells or even using a pinch grip on a pair of weight plates. Another excellent strength building exercise is achieved by doing trap bar walks using thick grips and sandbag carries.

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