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Tabata Workouts Exercises You Have To Try

Tabata Workouts for men

There are many high-intensity workout plans and styles and one of the most popular is the Tabata workout exercises training plan. Tabata workouts will leave you gasping and panting for oxygen, but, the benefits that come along with this intense method are endless. A great Tabata workout plan to start out has eight rounds with twenty seconds of high-intensity exercises. It is followed by a ten-second rest period and the complete cycle of the workout is for four minutes. That’s right four minutes! The great thing about the Tabata workout, it is quick, you can do it anywhere and it increases anaerobic capacity by 28% along with improving your aerobic capacity for the ultimate fitness regime. So not only does it burn fat and increase strength it also has amazing cardio benefit.

What are Tabata workouts exercises training?

A Tabata workout is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with a mix of many forms of exercise to deliver a high-intensity workout within a few minutes. The mix of exercises which consists of burpees, lunges, sprints, push-ups, etc. The Tabata workout proves to be time effective. Secondly, by the end of each round, one should ideally be out of breath and feeling fatigued, irrespective of your fitness level. Thirdly, for more advanced users a Tabata workout exercises training with weights is another way to take your workout to the next level.

There are two levels of Tabata workouts:

Beginners Tabata

There are a lot of Tabata workouts for beginners which is a flexible form of exercise. You can mix and match the kinds of exercises you want to incorporate, it is up to you. , There are many bodyweight Tabata workouts according to your needs for beginners.  However, it is important to plan out your Tabata workout plan along with a Tabata timer. Then, follow it for the best results. Tabata workout for seniors is the perfect example of how this regime can fit into every age group.

Beginners Tabata workout plan:


Squats Exercise

Squats exercises along with various squats can help you to get beautifully toned legs, butt, and a strong back. Learning how to do squats at home helps to build muscles and improve flexibility. Squat benefits are endless. Squatting in a Tabata workout helps you to become more flexible as bending and stretching of the leg muscles. Squats exercises for butt are one of the prime reason behind being the most popular forms of exercise among fitness enthusiasts.


Man doing crunches

Ab crunches are quite popular as they are known to tighten your abs and burn belly fat. There are a wide variety of crunches that can be incorporated like the ab twist, V sit-ups, bicycle crunch and reverse crunches just to name a few. The benefits are endless as it helps to tone the core muscles of the body, improve posture, increases muscle flexibility, and improving mobility.

High knees (or jog in place)

Jogging with High Knees

Jogging in place with high knees helps to develop strength and endurance of the hip flexors. This cardio burn will give your weight loss efforts a boost and help with your posture and balance. Along with developing the endurance and strength of the quads, it also increases hip extensor flexibility.

Front Lunges

Front Lunges Workout for Core Strength

The lunge exercise shapes your lower body, develops core strength, increases your lower body and gives you flexible hips. Furthermore, the benefits come in the form of many types like front lunges, back lunges, and side lunges. If you combine squats and lunges together it can be a multi-joint exercise which is highly functional and can be modified according to your fitness level.

Advanced Tabata

This form of Tabata workout is a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This Tabata workout can be done with weights or even without. Tabata workout plan are mostly for people who have great fitness level and want faster results in lesser time. Additionally, Tabata workouts at home are also becoming increasingly popular with people witnessing the range of benefits it comes with.

Advanced Tabata workout plan:

Dynamic squats

Dynamic effort squats help in stretching the muscles and therefore improve their function. Moreover, this method for athletes is very popular as it increases your capacity for high-intensity workouts. It also increases your mobility and overall fitness level. Lastly, it helps you to reduce the chance of injury and will undoubtedly enhance your performance.

Burpee with push-up

The benefits of burpees include making your body a fat-burning machine. Besides, it is a full-body strength foundation training and the epitome of functional fitness. Burpees with push up and jump are great for improving conditioning and endurance.

Spiderman plank

The Spiderman plank exercise helps you to maintain your balance on your forearms. The spiderman plank with a twist workout is considered a full-body exercise. It helps in strengthening your arms, back, and core, toning your abs and increasing flexibility in your hips and thighs. This crunch and climb motion helps to increase body strength and endurance.

Bulgarian split squats with hop Tabata workouts

Bulgarian split squats are a great addition to any CrossFit workout. This explosive exercise will increase your power, muscle mass and make you faster. Along with lifting heavier, jumping higher and preventing injuries.

HIIT for beginners and expert comes with a wide range of different workout regime under Tabata workout plan. HIIT training program delivers the best cardio and full-body training within a very short time. However, HIIT workout at home includes a lot of Tabata workouts. These can be done simultaneously, which makes it one of the best workout.

There are always new workout methods that are coming up, some are low and some are high intensity. In the light, low-intensity workouts are perfect for daily workout regime to stay fit. However, if you are looking for great results in a lesser time, it is important to go the extra mile, so try a HIIT workout under the Tabata workout plan.

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