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Workout Circuit Training Outdoor No Equipment

Workout Moves circuit training workouts

Many fitness enthusiasts in their hopes to achieve faster results to their training routine have occasionally opted to take their circuit training workouts outside of the traditional gym settings. outdoor circuit training be perform at home or even in a park near you.

Top Workout Circuit to try in the great outdoors

In a recent study conducted by the California Pacific Orthopedic and Sports Medicine. The scientists concluded that individuals who performed outdoor exercises were found to have lost an average of seven pounds and over six percent of there total body fat in a period of six to eight weeks. In effect the experiment theorized that in an outdoor setting including inclines, declines and a number of natural obstacles the body is exposed to a more rigorous workout powered by an increase in self-esteem and mindset.

Side Leap workout circuit training

The side leap is one of many circuit training workouts known for targeting the inner thighs, gluteus, calves and quads is among one of the widely used exercises performed in an outdoor setting by many fitness enthusiasts.

  1. The exercise is easily performed by first standing on a flat surface positioning both feet together.
  2. This is followed by the individual bending the knees and hopping as far as possible towards the left landing on the ball of the left foot.
  3. Before allowing the right foot to become in contact with the surface the individual will immediately hop to the right by bending the knee and simulating the jump.
  4. The exercise is traditionally performed in fifteen to twenty reps for an adequate workout circuit training.

Park-Bench Dip

The park-bench dip is another popular exercise performed outdoors by many beginners and athletes while on the jogging trail or at the local park. Conventionally the park-bench dip has been proven as one of the more effective exercises known for training the shoulder muscles, triceps and develop core strength.

  1. The exercise begins with the individual sitting on a park bench or log placing both hands on either sides of the hips.
  2. The individual then begins to slide the buttock in a forward direction until the body is no longer in a sitting position on the bench but rather recognizing the body weight as supported by both hands positioned on the bench.
  3. The elbows are then bent by moving the upper arms to a position of almost parallel to the surface followed by the individual returning to the starting position.
  4. During the park-bench dip exercise it is highly important to ensure the lower back is kept as close to the bench or log to minimize any possibly injury from occurring during the exercise.
  5. It is normally suggested that the park-bench dip should be performed in ten to fifteen reps per workout session.

Park Bench Push-Up workout circuit training

Another effective exercise used today utilizing the outdoor exercise machine of the traditional park bench is the park-bench push-up. This training exercise has been typically used by several professionals and personal trainers to target the chest muscles, shoulders, triceps, biceps while stimulating core strength development.

  1. The park-bench push-up is performed by first standing in an upright position facing the park bench.
  2. While placing both hands on the bench the individual takes a few steps backward until the legs are fully extended and aligned with the back.
  3. The chest is then lowered towards the bench as close as possible without touching the bench by bending the arms followed by a reverse push to elevate the body to the starting position.
  4. For an effective session the park-bench push-up should be performed for a minimum of fifteen reps.

Variably the park-bench push-up is also performed by placing both hands on the surface, feet on the bench and walking on the hands in a forward direction until both feet are fully extend and aligned with the back and shoulders. The push up is then executed by lowering the chest towards the ground similar as to the bench before exercising the push-up movement. This variant of the park-bench push-up however should be performed for eight to ten reps. These circuit training workouts will surely give you result.

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