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Ways to Workout Without equipment

In today’s world there are many individuals who do not have access to a local gym, for financial, work schedule or other reasons. Regardless of the situation, training at home without the assistance of gym equipment or workout without equipment is very much a reality used by many individuals in the fitness industry. Bodybuilding and strength training are based on two fundamental principles known as, the application of progressive overload to the muscles to stimulate growth and strength, and maintaining a proper and supportive diet by providing the body with the necessary ingredients to be used as fuel to perform the workout.

Easy Ways to Workout without equipment

Body Weight Exercises

Using weights in the training workout does not determine the muscle growth within the body but rather are effective tools which when properly used will provide the desired results. The first step in training without the use of weights is realizing the notable fact that the natural bodyweight is the perfect tool which when used will allow the individual to perform a range of exercises to increase their muscle growth, core strength and overall performance.

Some of the more commonly used exercises performed when trying to workout without equipment and are push-ups and pull-ups which can be done in a variety of ways, Bodyweight biceps curls, Squats , Inverted rows, and Body weight leg curls.

Use Descending Reps

Many individuals have found themselves stuck in a rut when training using dips and pull-ups reaching their plateau with a certain number of reps unable to further advance. This has been generally solved by performing exercise sets using a descending number of reps such as counting backwards from 10 to 1. This principle is used to reduce the impacted workload as the muscles fatigue. This allows the muscles an optimal recovery time in preparation for an intense training workout. The maximum number of reps used by many professional fitness experts has been observed as 55 reps and can be performed workout without equipment at the local parks on the monkey bars.

Primal Exercises

Training like an animal is another one of the popular training methods used without the necessity of weights. This training exercise is often used as a funny and entertaining way to train the muscles by performing exercises such as the bear crawl or crab walk. The bear crawl exercise is accomplished by the individual walking on both hands and feet, legs almost straight positioning the hips at a level above the head while the crab walk is performed as the individual sits on the floor, then bridge the hips upward, walking on both hands and feet. All workout without any equipment.

These training exercises are often viewed as hilariously funny with their odd postures, but have been proven to increase the core strength and mobility of the individual as well as an excellent form of cardiovascular activity. Using a deck of cards in body-weight training offers an excellent training routine easily accomplished by any individual. In this training routine a deck of cards is used to determine the type of exercise and number of reps to be completed. For example diamonds could represent push-ups, clubs pull-ups spades lunges and hearts sit-ups. The deck is then shuffled and placed on the floor followed by the individual picking cards off the deck and performing the respective exercises and number of reps by the number card picked.

Drop Sets

Drop Sets commonly associated as exercises performed with the use of weights can be effectively performed without traditional weights using the exercise with body-weight. The key to this exercise is for the individual to vary their mechanical advantage. The exercise begins with the individual maintaining a position to create a high level of difficulty in completing the motion, then falling into a less difficult position allowing the person to complete the maximum number of reps possible.

Burpees workout without equipment

The Burpees exercise is often referred to as the traditional burpee performed recognizing the latissimus dorsi muscle group located within the back. This motion allows the individual to benefit from the training effect achieved from performing pull-ups without having a bar to hang from. In this exercise the individual maintained a squat position, legs placed behind in a traditional pushup position. The individual then jumps the legs upwards landing with both legs outside the hands then pulling themselves using the lat muscles to the initial jump position.

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