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Men’s grooming tips for warm weather

Guys Searching for men’s skin grooming tips when it’s hot outside doesn’t make you less manly. Instead, every man should be worried about their skin health and appearance. Spring and summertime come with refreshing energy but can also bring damaging effects for your skin. Especially when the sun rays are in full effect. Applying nothing on your face and body is leaving your skin vulnerable to exposure to environmental toxins and harmful sun rays. Men also face hair problems in summer and body odor issues when the temperature goes up. With constant sweating and oily skin, your appearance can look sloppy. But, to ensure you go through spring and summer flawlessly, we have come up with some handy men’s skin grooming tips.

Simple Men’s Grooming Tips to Stay Ahead of the heat!

Sunscreen Is Your Best Friend

sun exposure

We know how much your wife or girlfriend obsesses over sunscreen. But it’s time you understand the importance of using it. If you are heading to the beach, you shouldn’t never leave the house without applying some sunscreen on your face and body. It will not take away your manliness but saves you from the harsh sun rays. You never know when the exposure is too much. The next thing you know instead of reflecting the bronze glow, you end up red as a char-grilled tomato. Ouch, just think about getting sunburned is painful. So, if you don’t want to end up regretting stepping out of the house without your sunscreen, squeeze a generous amount of sunscreen and apply it all over your body. This men’s grooming tip is very important.

Daily Skin Cleansing

face wash

Even men need to follow a basic skincare routine, especially during summer. Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to include complicated steps and procedures. Guys when we talk about tips for men grooming and caring for your skin, we don’t mean applying layers of cream or gels or peeling fancy masks. In warm weather, your face will be healthier if you follow the necessary steps and clean your face daily. A lot of men like women have oily skin which can attract dirt and lead to dirt buildup if no proper care is taken.  Thus to remove all the pollutants from your face, everyday cleansing is vital. You can either splash some mildly warm water on your face or stand in a shower to remove the dirt. Use a face wash to look fresh and get rid of the impurities.

Toner For Firm Skin

After cleansing, the best men’s grooming tips advice is to exfoliate your skin with a good face scrub. Scrubbing eliminates the dead skin cells and opens clogged pores. Clogged pores are some of the reasons that cause skin breakouts. If you want to avoid acne problems and have clear skin exfoliating is a must. And, so is toning your skin. Usually, in all the grooming for men, toning is often skipped, and people don’t talk about how essential it is. But, toning helps men achieve firm and clear skin. If a toner is used after shaving it further ensures that no in-grown hairs are formed. Stay away from alcohol-based toners if you do not want to end up with dry skin.

Moisturizer? Yes, Please!

face moisturizer for men

If you have dry skin in the summer. The only way to stop that from happening is to moisturize your face. We know it’s hot and humid sometime, and you are going to sweat, but that’s no reason to skip the moisturizer. And when we say moisturize we don’t mean you use the same cream you use in the winter. Those creams are heavy, greasy and only suitable for the cold season. best grooming tips for men is to Invest in good warm weather moisturizers with lighter formulas that your skin can quickly absorb. You will find a wide range of male-specific moisturizers that come with added SPF.

Use Pomade and Beard Oil

Testosterone and Movember - Beard and Mustache

Summer is always a welcome season, but it can also cause frizzy hair and beard. Maintaining a clean-cut look is a task around this season, but fortunately, there are grooming tips hacks for men available. One such hack is using a hair pomade to hold your hair in place. It keeps the frizz in control and saves you from the embarrassment of looking like a grizzly bear. Pomade can be helpful to tame the wild hair on your head as well as the face.  The beard oil is another alternative to handle rough and dry beard hair.

Quick Tip: invest in a branded multi-purpose pomade and use it even for your eyebrows or other facial hair.

Invest in a Good Shampoo

best grooming tips for men - shampoo

As we said, your hair turns rough and frizzy in the summer. With all the dirt and the greasy scalp due to sweating, it leads to itchiness. If not cared for this can cause skin irritation and other problems. Invest in a good quality branded shampoo that is low on chemicals and nourishes your hair and scalp. A quick grooming tip for you men, never apply soap to your hair, as it will make your hair drier. Buying a dry shampoo is also a good idea when you want instant freedom from greasy hair.

Choose your Fragrance Wisely

how to choose the right cologne

Hot weather means sweat; both go hand in hand. No matter how hard you try, your sweat glands are going to put you in an awkward position unless you use the right cologne or grooming products. We recommend you invest in a good deodorant so that you block the odor and keep smelling good. You don’t always have fun in the sun, but a good deodorant will help you feel confident all the time. If you are applying a cologne then select something that is earthy, lighter, and zestier for the warmer months. Go for citrus notes for a refreshing vibe or pick something that you like that is popular and you are going to use consistently. People will appreciate being around you if you smell good. Remember bad body odor is nobody’s friend.

Manicured Nails men’s grooming tips

Well-groomed nails are just as essential for men as they are for women. Unfortunately, too many men don’t pay attention to their hands or realize they have dirt under their finger nails. Your nails can get messy for plenty of reasons, maybe because of work, playing sports or bad habits like nail-biting. This also leads to hardened skin but getting a manicure will help keep your hands and nails looking good for a clean appearance. It will also ensure that the nails and the cuticles stay healthy for a long time. If you are not a person who goes to the salon for their nails, we recommend this men’s grooming tips that you buy a nail-care kit that you can use at home.

Stay Cool with Talcum Powder

talcum powder for men body grooming tips in warm weather

Guys no men’s grooming tips for spring and summer are complete without stressing over how important powders are. It is one effective grooming product that can combat sweat, body odor, and help you remain cool. Surely you don’t want to be that stinky guy. Sometimes even deodorants and antiperspirants will fail you. But today there are some great quality body talcum powders that can help you chill and keep the dreadful pit-stains away. These powders are beneficial in keeping a man dry and absorb all the sweat and moisture to prevent chafing. Using talc- powder is one of the re-emerged trends in the male grooming industry which comes with modern formulas. These not only tackle odor problems but are capable of moisturizing and soothing skin.

Shower Regularly men’s grooming tips

men’s grooming tips

Deodorants and Talcum powders can’t save you completely from sweat and odor. During the warm season, you need to care more for your body, skin, and personal hygiene. If you complain of sweating and perspiration quite often, skipping the shower is not a good idea. If you train and workout regularly, it is necessary that you shower after your workout. Constant sweating throughout the day can lead to dirt accumulation and promote skin breakouts. So, to help deal with these problems, just jump in the shower. You don’t need to wash your hair or scrub your entire body every time you shower. Wash your armpits, genitals, feet, and chest with a shower gel or bar soap, and you are good to go.

Trim your Hair men’s grooming tips

men’s grooming tips

Dealing with long hair in summer can be daunting. If you have long hair instead of letting them loose tie them up in a man bun. There are plenty of other hairstyles for men which you can do. But we strongly suggest that you keep your hair short and nicely trimmed during the summer season. This greatly helps in taking good care of your hair and ensuring that it’s adequately nourished. Short hair will also save you the time in the shower. You can quickly shampoo, conditioner, and dry your hair. This is a time saver in the spring and summer months.

These men’s skin grooming tips for warm weather will keep you guys looking cool and well groomed all season long. You can actually enjoy the summer heat, feel refreshed, and keep your cool. For all you guys try out these grooming tips above for men skin.

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