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Spring Fashion Guide for Men

Spring 2014 Fashion Guide for Men

It is officially spring fashion guide for men is here and now more than ever you need to concentrate on your style. Put up the wool coats and dust off the khakis, it’s time to switch things up a bit gentleman.

Top Spring Fashion Guide for Men

Take everything you learned about fashion last year and throw it out the window, spring style is shaping up to be quite different than last year’s. Although your core wardrobe pieces can still work with this year’s style, you might not get away with wearing everything you did last year. So take a look at our spring fashion guide for men and dress accordingly.

Double Breasted Blazers

Double breasted blazers are back gentlemen! Our European counterparts set the trend for much of what we wear in the States and this year Europe is all about the double breasted blazer. If you venture out on to the streets of New York or head to your office headquarters you will see tons of these suits. Suit jackets in blue tones and bright colored suits are also a major trend that is taking off so far this spring.

Floral Prints: spring fashion guide for men

Floral prints are also huge this year. We aren’t talking about your dad’s Florida floral prints either. Floral prints are perfect for both t-shirts, button downs, and of course on jackets. The trick is to find the right color of floral pattern that matches the rest of your wardrobe or ones perfect for wearing just under another layer. You can also incorporate tropical prints into your floral collection to really stand out.


If you’d prefer to stay away from the prints and bright colors, you can always adopt another hot trend off the runway this spring, combination sportswear and streetwear. Black and white dominates this trend while indulging in the ever present leather jacket that exists in most men’s closets. If you want to try this look out choose a nice plain white tee coupled with a leather jacket and athletic shorts.

Camouflage prints

That’s right, Rambo isn’t the only man who is wearing camouflage and if you want to join him you now have the permission of the fashion world. It’s no longer looks ridiculous to wear camo if you aren’t hunting so layer up boys, you’ve got some camouflage to wear.

Bright Trainers

Of course, you can’t forget about your footwear when contemplating your new spring closet and this year things are easier than ever. Bright trainers are a huge hit in the fashion world and don’t require you to purchase a certain color to fit the trend. Bright blues, oranges, greens, reds, and yellows are all extremely hot this year. Everyone from Nike to Converse is making them, so your options are endless.

Leather Man Bags: spring fashion guide for men

Need a place to keep your paper work for the day without lugging around a massive briefcase or man purse? Well, now you can! Chic leather hand bags are in and they look more masculine than ever! Choose from a wide variety of shades to carry your valuables in. Light shades of tan are the most popular now but no color is off limits.


Masculine hand bracelets made out of leather, gold, or chain are also very hot this season. Perfectly paired with an open blazer and jean pants, these accessories are easy to wear and don’t feel too out there for the average joe. Figure out what you feel comfortable with and go with it. Spring is a new season and we are in a new year, act like it gentlemen.

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