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Benefits of Water: Why you Should Drink it Daily

A man enjoying the benefits of water

The benefits of water are endless. In your quest for the answer, you will find more than 100 benefits of drinking water. It is not only vital for our survival but critically important for overall health and wellness. The first thing you are taught in school is that the human body is 60% water and every organ requires it. Thus undoubtedly there are no body or health problems that water cannot fight as it is an essential component. Hence the key to excellent health and fitness is staying hydrated. We share more reasons why you should not miss out drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water everyday.

Discover the benefits of water!

Lose Weight Quickly Benefits of water

Drinking enough water helps in losing weight quickly

Many people are convinced about the benefits of drinking water for weight loss. The belief has a valid reason because, with dehydration, you are likely to feel hungry all the time. In fact, lacking water can make your body crave for sugar-rich foods. When you stay hydrated, you won’t surrender to those unnecessary cravings and the appetite lessens. This will further help you lose weight naturally. But by drinking at least a gallon everyday that is about 16 cups, you will be hydrated just right.

Aids Digestion and helps Dodge Constipation Benefits of water

Water helps to deal with constipation

This is one big boon to humankind and one of the reasons why it is included as one of the top 20 benefits of water. Dehydration is never good for your body. It does not let your body function properly. Further, it gives rise to digestion issues along with constipation. These problems can land you in uncomfortable spaces and create inconvenience in your life. Adapting to drinking about a gallon of water every day will provide you with relief against these problems.

You do not consume unnecessary calories

No extra calorie consumption

Drinking water an hour before any meal aids you in curbing your appetite and eating less. This idea is widely supported by nutritionists worldwide. When you are hydrated, your body does not crave for calorie-rich sugary drinks and processed foods. Thus not only you stay full but this way you also avoid those excessive calories.

Improves your Workout Performance Benefits of water

Staying hydrated helps in improving workout performance

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you know more about the importance of keeping yourself hydrated. It is essential that you stay hydrated before, after and even during the training session. To be at the peak of your physical form you need to drink enough water. It also relies on intensity of the workout session along with the duration for which you exercise. Dehydration generally draws all the energy out of your body making you unfit in carrying out strenuous exercises. Keep yourself hydrated adequately before starting the workout so that your body is ready for what’s coming. It empowers your reflexes and makes you more active.

Perfectly balances your Energy Levels

A man with heightened energy after getting hydrated

Isn’t water the first thing we offer to anybody who feels sick? This is because it restores your body energy. This is why if you ever feel low on energy instead of sprinting for unhealthy carbs just sip on water. Drinking a gallon of water will not let your energy level drop; instead, you will feel more energized and refreshed. Sipping on water can instantly improve the state of your mind. Even if you are mildly dehydrated, you can get influenced by mood swings. So the next time somebody throws tantrums ask them to have some water in order to calm down.

The best Skin Care Routine

Drink enough water to stop skin ageing

Adequate water consumption allows you to take advantage of the benefits of water for skin. That is it ensures that your skin is not dry and you look forever young. It works perfectly well to improve your self-esteem and confidence. By keeping yourself hydrated, you are promoting good skin health. It helps with circulation giving you more elastic skin and also helps with wrinkles. The benefits of drinking water include hair; along with your skin it also nourishes your hair.

Removes Body Generated Waste

Drinking water lowers chances of kidney stones

Drinking about a gallon of water everyday helps in smooth functioning of your body. It flushes out the toxins and waste generated by your system when you sweat or pass urine. Your kidneys demand water to eliminate waste present in your blood. It further reduces the chances of developing kidney stones and urinary tract infections.  

Your Shield Against Headaches

Drinking plenty of water helps with headaches

You probably heard how water works magic when you have a hungover. Water hydrates your body after all that booze goes in and helps stop those pounding headache. If people with migraines go without water for a long time, it can trigger intense migraines. Bottom line, staying hydrated the entire day can help you in preventing the headaches. Also, it diminishes your chances of having a hangover.

For Strong Joints and Cartilages

Water gives you hydrated cartilage

Hydration is vital for our cartilage. Cartilage keeps our joints healthy, flexible and strong. Hydrated cartilage makes sure our joints are lubricated well to enables you to move smoothly. It has significant in protecting our spinal cord and tissues to function well. As the cartilage is majorly 85% water, it is important to have a healthy water consumption. Hope this explains why drinking water is so essential to keep our body healthy inside and out.

Initially drinking a gallon of water can make you feel bloated and miserable because of the urge to pee every time. But as time passes eventually you will realize the benefits of water. Here we have shared with you more than five advantages of drinking water. You will notice how healthy this habit is and how adequate hydration works wonders for your body.

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