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The Best Creatine Alternatives for Muscle Gain

The Best Creatine Alternatives for Muscle Gain

Creatine natural alternatives are all around us, you just might not know where to look. If you happen to work out, or simply find yourself interested in sports and fitness and have discussed health and sports supplements at some point in the past, then you will have almost certainly heard about Creatine on more than one occasion.

Creatine is a substance which is naturally found in the human body, but in very small doses. It is responsible for the creation of Adenosine TriPhosphate (ATP) which is the primary source of energy for each and every muscle in the human body. Every single muscle contraction, no matter how big or how small, requires energy in the form of ATP to complete the process. Something as simple as picking up a pencil requires ATP for the muscles, so you can imagine how much is required when you’re lifting heavy weights in the gym, or running for long distances every single day. creatine alternatives

The Best Creatine Alternatives for Muscle Gain

Top Creatine natural Alternatives to consider

Creatine is available in supplement form and is actually the 2nd most popular sports supplement in the entire world, 2nd only to whey protein powder, and it is very effective if used in conjunction with the right supplements, dietary choices, and training principles. However, if you’re not too fond of creatine, or you’re simply looking for different alternatives, then there are other creatine alternatives you can consider.

Nitric Oxide supplements

The Best Creatine Alternatives for Muscle Gain

The main benefit of creatine is the fact that it encourages the body to produce more energy for the muscles. However, there are other ways of getting more energy into the muscles. Take oxygen for instance. The more oxygen inside the muscles, the longer they can exercise, and therefore, the more productive your workouts will be. How does the oxygen get into the muscles? Why in the blood of course. Blood is pumped from the heart, travels to the lungs where it is oxygenated, and then makes its way around the body, supplying all of the muscles and major organs along the way. Creatine alternatives, How does Nitric Oxide help this process? It causes vasodilation, causing the blood vessels to widen. The wider they are, the more oxygenated blood can pass through them at once, and therefore, the more oxygen the muscles will be provided with.

Red meats such as steak have high natural creatine

If you’re looking for an alternative to creatine powder, then red meat could be absolutely ideal. Creatine powder is actually derived from cattle, or rather, the vital organs of certain cattle, as they too can produce creatine naturally, just as we can. Not surprisingly then, red meat such as steak is rich in creatine, obviously not as much as the powder itself, but there is enough in an average serving of red meat, to really benefit the body and your muscles.

Amino acids as an alternative to creatine

Amino acids are one of the wonderful creatine alternatives. It is found in proteins and is often described as the building blocks of muscle tissue. They are readily available as a sports supplement, in liquid, tablet, and powdered form, and they make a great alternative to creatine. They help the body to repair itself after a workout and have also been proven to help increase energy and endurance levels during exercise as well.

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