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Top Blenders for The perfect Juice consistency

The top juice blenders

If you are into fitness, the one kitchen appliance that you must be using as much as your gym equipment must be the blenders. Fitness freaks worldwide go berserk over the new make of a blender. You must have wondered why their eyes glaze over and they squeal with excitement when somebody mentions a ‘nutribullet’. Blenders are the superheroes of the kitchen. They excel in making any unappetizing food item a bit more palatable by mixing them up in a smoothie. This enables you to incorporate a lot of nutrients in a single glass.

The best thing is that it makes the ‘bleh’ unappetizing but nutrient-rich food like kale and spinach a bit more appetizing. Juices and smoothies seem to be a favorite for many, and for a good reason too. However, picking a blender is not a decision that should be taken lightly. In fact, there are several options that are available in the market, and the task can be a little exhausting. Hence, we have decided to make the job more comfortable for you by listing down some of the top blenders in the market. You can look into each of the options and take your pick to suit your requirements.

Best Blenders to Invest in! Blenders

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

Who knew there was such a thing as a favorite blender. Apparently, it is true. Vitamix blender is the favorite among most people and is claimed to be one of the top-notch varieties. It works perfectly well for both professional as well as home settings. This model has a  smoothie setting which enables you to add in all of your ingredients in and walks away without having to supervise it. The heritage collection also comes with a choice of two different metal exteriors. This helps to keep it perfectly complemented to the other appliances of your kitchen, giving it a uniform and perfect look.

Blendtec Classic 575 Blenders

If you are determined to have the same automatic features that come with the Vitamix but without the price tag, then the next best thing is the Blendtec blender. The well-times auto settings allow you to have just the right textures. Additionally, they also come with a variety of bright colors. It is great if you want to get a colored blender which matches your decor. Moreover, it is the ultimate all-in-one appliance which comes with pre programmed cycles. This makes it easier than ever to create smoothies, salsas, hot soups, and more. This allows you to make delicious smoothies with the same perfect consistency every single time. All this and with very little clean-up!

Instant Pot Ace 60 Cooking Blender

Instant pot, generally acclaimed for their multifunctional pressure cooker makes blenders now and in a much more affordable price tag as compared to the other blender biggies. It also comes with the option of an automatic smoothie program. In fact, in just 5 minutes, you can make great smoothies at the press of a button. Further, the Ace 60 Cooking Blender comes with 8 Smart One-Touch programs which help you prepare your favorite Smoothie, Frozen Dessert, Nut/Oat Milks, and Soups at the press of a button.

Also, you can make delicious nut butters and beverages, baby food and purees. This further makes it a versatile blender to cater to all your needs. It comes with 3 manual blending speeds and 4 cold blending programs, helping you cut down on your cooking time by hours. You can also check the real-time cooking temperatures and keep a close eye on the cooking process.

Breville Hemisphere Control Blenders

This blender is a favorite of Marco Canora, an award-winning chef who swears by this blender to test smoothie recipes. The bowl-shaped bottom of the Breville blender is very accommodating for fast and effective blending. Even though the model is a little difficult to find, it is worth the chase. Besides, Breville’s revolutionary Hemisphere Bowl and Blade System features central blades which incorporates all of the content for an even blending throughout. In fact, it is known for being multitasker appliance which crushes, chops, mixed aerates and whips, enabling you to whip up amazing smoothies, cocktails soups and more. It comes with an easy-to-read LCD monitor, making things easier to make it easier to smoothies and velvety soups.

Ninja Professional Blender

Ninja blender is also known as an affordable alternative to the well-loved Vitamix. Besides, not only is it great for making smoothies, but it is also easy to clean and it pretty decently sized, making it a  pretty decently sized blender, for its price. This blender comes with a sleek design and superb performance with a professional level of power. Its revolutionary Total Crushing Technology is great for crushing ice, processing, blending and pureeing in an easy second. However, the amazing thing is that it crushes ice with the same ease as the berries, and all just in seconds. It is the perfect family blender and is BPA free and dishwasher safe! It is also the perfect choice if you feel like entertaining or have to make drinks and smoothies for a large gang.

Blenders can be used for various cooking purposes; however, its most popular use is to make smoothies. Fruit juices and smoothies come packed with many health benefits. In fact, starting from enhanced nutrient absorption to improved digestion, from healthy heart to enhanced metabolism, there is a lot that comes with having a glass of freshly made juice or smoothie. Besides, it is essentially a power packed glass of nutrients and energy. There are several blenders in the radar, so why the pressure to get the best? Are they not doing the same job? Well…No! Getting the right consistency is something that can be easily accomplished by getting the best blender that you can lay your hands on, and you will know the difference once to try a truly awesome blender. However, apart from the ones mentioned above, there are various other options that you can choose from. Do your research and get the best blender and enjoy the yummiest  juices and smoothies

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