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Bodybuilding And Testosterone Boost

strong man bodybuilding

Testosterone is not only one of the most critical factors in bodybuilding, but it is also an important factor in the human body’s functioning. It is, in fact, one of the most important tools in the body to help it grow, and repair back from setbacks. Thus it is the favorite among men who are looking for a way to trick time, and rightfully so! Also, there are several ways that can raise the natural testosterone level in your body. However, it is not advised to go about it blindly. It is further essential to get as much knowledge about it as possible and make the right call. Let us dive deeper into the world of testosterone and see!

Testosterone and its positive impact on bodybuilding

Makes Muscles Stronger

Makes Muscles Stronger

Initially, it was believed that testosterone improved strength and power by simply increasing muscle size. However, testosterone also is known to increase the amount of calcium which is released within the cells. This in fact also boosts muscular contractions. DHT is known to increase muscle contraction by a striking 24 to 30 percent in both power and resistance.

Boosts Endurance: Bodybuilding and Testosterone

Boosts Endurance

Testosterone enhances Erythropoietin (EPO), which furthermore increases the production of red blood cell development. An increase in red blood cells means more means of carrying oxygen to the working muscles. A test done on adult rodents show that when they are given testosterone, there is a visible increase in mitochondria present in the cells. This moreover means huge improvements in performance and anti-aging factors.

Boosts Athletic Performance

Boosts Athletic Performance

Testosterone is also famous as it affects athletic performance. However, there is still space for more research in this field. It is said Olympic athletes with increased bioavailable testosterone show improved athletic ability. However, there is no research to support or deny this claim.

Supports a Healthy Heart: Bodybuilding and Testosterone

Supports a Healthy Heart

Apart from the other perks, one of the more important benefits of testosterone is its good effect on heart health. Men with a lower rate of testosterone have an increased chance of death due to cardiovascular issues. Testosterone takes care of your heart and keeps you away from possible dangers. Testosterone use is a complex process, and its relation with bodybuilding is only a small part of its vastness. However, as men age, their testosterone starts to decrease slowly. This is the reason most men take additional testosterone to delay the signs of aging. There are however several other things that one can do if they want to raise their testosterone naturally. Some of the ways are inclusive of but not limited to staying lean, limiting drinks, avoid stress. It also stresses on avoiding over dieting and working out.

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