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Drop 20 Pounds Effective Ways Fast

Effective Ways to Drop 20 Pounds Fast

Unless you’re one of the very few lucky ones, then chances are that you will wish to lose weight at some point during your life. How much or how little however, we cannot say, but what we can say, is that the statistics show that it will more than likely happen to you at some point. On paper, losing weight is extremely easy. Eat less junk, eat better foods, and do more exercise. By changing your lifestyle start a healthy diet plan you can drop 20 pounds of that unwanted weight.

Effective ways drop 20lbs fast

The simple truth of the matter however, is that losing weight is far, far more complicated than that. If it really was that easy, we’d all be walking round with 6 pack abs at 10% body fat. Losing weight takes hard work, but it certainly isn’t impossible. There are ways of changing your diets or mixing up your training that will really maximize your results and help you to drop 20 pounds fast.

Try high intensity interval training

High intensity interval training, sometimes referred to as HIIT, is basically a method of training and exercise, designed to boost your metabolism, and maximize your fat loss results. To perform HIIT it’s really quite simple. Say you’re on a treadmill for example. To burn around 500 calories, you’d have to jog at a steady pace for around an hour. HIIT however, allows you to around drop 20 pounds or burn the same amount of calories, or even more, in a fraction of that time. You’d start by walking at a steady pace for around 2 minutes. Next, you’d crank up the speed of the treadmill, and sprint as fast as you could for around 1 minute. After that minute is up, you slow down and walk for another 2 minutes. You’d repeat this process for another 7-9 rounds, and hey presto. You’d be done in less than half an hour, and will have maximized your weight loss potential.

Eat super clean

Even if you’re eating healthily already, by changing your diet so that you’re eating super clean, you’re ensuring that you can monitor exactly how much fat you’re consuming. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and make sure to cut out all of the junk food and snacks altogether. Even the odd biscuit here and there will have to go. No butter, no oil, no fats, just lean fat free all natural healthy foods, eaten just the way that nature intended.

Drink more water: drop 20 pounds

Water is essential for any weight loss program or diet. You can’t expect to lose weight if you’re not drinking enough water. Water flushes toxins from your body. It boosts your metabolism and help you to build muscle mass, it keeps you hydrated, it allows your body to function correctly as it should, and it’s great for cooling you down on a warm day too. Cut out those awful diet drinks, and say hello to good old fashioned water instead.

Spend more time outdoors: drop 20 pounds

Spending time outdoors, walking through nature reserves etc, is a great way of burning extra calories, without even realizing. Say you spend a day out with the family, walking around the local beauty spot. You’ll be on your feet all day, but as you’re enjoying yourself, you won’t even notice that you are burning calories.

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