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Prostate Glands Enlarged and The Facts

Enlarged Prostate Glands: The Facts

When it comes to our health and general well-being, we obviously need to ensure that we take the best possible care of ourselves, and ensure that we do all what we can to live as healthy a life as possible. As well as taking measures in order to prevent us from becoming ill, or for minimizing the risk at least, it’s also vital that we know the warning signs and facts about our bodies that could point to the fact that there could be a problem. A Look at Prostate Glands for Men’s Health

Enlarged prostate glands facts

Remember, the sooner a diagnosis, or possible diagnosis, is made, the better. Take our prostate glands for instance. We all have one, yet a great deal of men suffer with various prostate gland related conditions, which is why regular prostate health checks are so beneficial.

What is a prostate gland and how does it work?

Basically, a prostate glands is an exocrine gland which forms part of the reproductive system. It’s roughly around the size of a golf ball and is located at the very neck of the bladder and the urethra. The main function of our prostate gland is to secrete the liquid which is responsible for transporting sperm from our bodies. Basically, this liquid is the fluid form of semen when we ejaculate.

What about an enlarged prostate, what are the dangers?

As we grow older, or if we make poor dietary and lifestyle choices which have a negative impact upon our health, the prostate gland will swell up and become enlarged slightly. Now, at the very least, this can be very uncomfortable for a person, and can make doing things like urinating, extremely uncomfortable or painful indeed. At the worst, it can take a person’s life. To begin with, we’ll look at the less serious, though deeply uncomfortable aspects of an enlarged prostate gland.

As the prostate swells, it will put pressure on the bladder, which can make you feel like you need to urinate much more frequently than usual. It can also place pressure on the urethra, which can be painful, so it’s basically the worst of both worlds, as not only do you need to urinate much more often, but doing so will also be painful and will become a dreaded task indeed.

Is it cancer?

Now, when things get more serious is when we learn that an enlarged prostate can also significantly increase the risk of the gland becoming cancerous, which is extremely serious. An enlarged prostate becomes more prone to cancer because it can lower testosterone levels, and can allow cells to multiply and act irrationally for want of a better word.

These cells can eventually oxidize and mutate, turning cancerous. Now, prostate cancer is pretty common in men, but it is also very manageable and can be removed by removing the prostate, or even controlled by pills. This isn’t to say that prostate cancer isn’t serious because it most certainly is, but it is a cancer that is very treatable and manageable, especially if you find it early. For that reason, regular checkups and examinations should be performed by your doctor.

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