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Healthy Eating Habits of Professional Athletes

Making Healthy Eating a Habit

How many of you reading this article, can honestly say that your diets and training regimes are a absolutely perfect healthy eating habits and don’t require any tweaking or alterations in any way shape or form? If this happens to apply to you, then well done, we’re most impressed. For everybody else however, fear not, because you’re certainly not alone. When it comes to a person’s overall health and fitness levels, it’s safe to say that their dietary choices often play a big role in determining just how fit and healthy they actually are. Take athletes for instance. If you’ve ever seen a pro athlete, you’ll know that their physiques often resemble an anatomy chart straight out of a biology lesson.

Healthy eating habits for professional athletes

Their muscle mass is extremely impressive, their body fat percentages are down into single digits, they look amazing, and their stamina and fitness levels are through the roof. Make no mistake about it, these athletes weren’t born this way, they managed to achieve these impressive physiques and fitness levels through a great deal of hard work and dedication, including healthy eating habits in the kitchen. Contrary to popular belief, pro athletes can’t consume vast quantities of fast food and still look great. They require fresh healthy foods, packed full of natural goodness, which then enables them to train to the absolute best of their abilities.

They follow high protein diets

In order to maintain, and build new muscle, the body requires a great deal of protein in order to make this happen. Protein and the amino acids contained within protein, are absolutely vital for the growth and repair of muscle tissue inside the human body. Because many pro athletes are often heavily muscled, they require high amounts of protein. It isn’t uncommon for pro athletes to eat sources of lean protein including chicken breasts, lean red meat, and various forms of seafood and white fish for a healthy eating habits. Eggs, especially egg whites, often form a staple part of their breakfasts too. Protein however, doesn’t always require meat. There are many vegetarian pro athletes in the world, who get their protein from various sources including quinoa, soy beans, lentils, nuts, and other various pulses too.

They consume plenty of complex carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are also very important for athletes and people who happen to follow active lifestyles, as they provide a slow but steady and sustained release of energy into the body this is another form of healthy eating habits. Marathon runners in particular, will do something known as carb loading the night before a race, in which they consume vast quantities of complex carbohydrates such as pastas, potatoes and beans. The reason for this is so they can saturate their muscles with glycogen before going to bed. As they go to bed, they don’t need this energy, so in the muscles it remains until it’s needed. The next morning, once the race begins, the body gradually releases this energy, providing the runner with a constant supply of energy to get them through the race.

They drink plenty of water for healthy eating habits

Water is another crucial element of many a pro athlete’s diet. Water help keep them hydrated, helps provide nutrients to the muscles, helps prevent muscle cramps, and much more on top of that. It also helps to prevent the loss of electrolytes through the skin when we sweat, which enables them to exercise for longer before their muscles and their bodies fatigue.

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