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Heart Healthy Tips Foods To Add to Your Diet

Do You Wish To Add Heart Healthy Foods To Your Diet

If your cardiovascular health is important to you, you should be sure that you are eating a good amount of heart health foods as a part of your healthy and balanced diet. Here are some tips to help you select heart healthy foods and a shopping list to help you the next time you are at the grocery store.

Tips To Help You Have A Healthy Heart

There are lots of different tips that you can use to create a diet that promotes heart health foods and limits your intake of foods that are unhealthy for your heart. Here are three basic tips that you should keep in mind whenever you are shopping for food or eating at a restaurant.

Tip #1 – Don’t Overdo The Trans-Fat/Saturated Fat

Avoid eating foods that contain trans-fat or saturated fat. Limit the amount of fried food, pastries, fatty meat and sweets that you eat on a daily basis. (heart healthy tips)

Tip #2 – Go Easy On The Salt

Salt (sodium) is another thing you should avoid if you wish to have a healthy heart. While you are shopping, look out for low-sodium versions of products, or for products that state they have “no salt added.” You can find low sodium versions of snack foods, canned soups, lunch meats and more.

Tip #3 – Add More Fiber: heart healthy tips

Adding more fiber to your diet is truly essential if you are committed to improving and maintaining your cardiovascular health. You can add fiber to your diet by consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables and by eating whole grain items and avoiding products that contain enriched white flour.

Your Heart Healthy Foods Shopping List For Fresh Fruit And Vegetable
Here is the basic list you should take along the next time you plan on shopping for food: (heart healthy tips)

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Be sure to include a lot of different types of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. While fresh produce can be pricey, you can save yourself money by purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season.

Here are some fresh vegetables you can purchase: (1) Cabbage, (2) Tomatoes, (3) Spinach, (4) Broccoli, and (5) Kale. If you wish to purchase canned vegetables, take a look at the sodium content on the label of each and select the option with the lowest amount of sodium. When you cook frozen vegetables, do so without adding any additional sauce or butter. (heart healthy tips)

Here are some fresh fruits you can purchase: (1) Pears, (2) Oranges, (3) Apples, (4) Bananas, and (5) Peaches. If you select frozen berries, be sure to look at the package to ensure you do not purchase any that have been artificially sweetened or that contain added sugar. If you purchase canned fruit, be sure not to buy the ones that are canned in syrup, opting instead for canned juice that is within 100% fruit juice. Dried fruit is also a great option, check out dried bananas, raisins, dried apricots, dried strawberries, dried pineapples, dried apples and more!

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