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Heartburn Symptoms And What’s Causing It

Heartburn Symptoms And What's Causing It

Heartburn symptoms is never a pleasant experience and for some men it can be a daily occurrence. Finding out what’s causing it can help you not only prevent it, but anticipate it as well. The confusing thing with heartburn is that one thing can trigger it for one person and then cause nothing in another person; the trick is finding out which foods, eating habits or personal activities trigger yours. Being able to identify your triggers can help you deal with it better, so below you’ll find some of the most common triggers  to help you possibly identify what’s causing your heartburn and rectify it.

The most common symptoms for a heartburn


Large meal portions are the biggest trigger for heartburn all around. When you overeat your stomach stretches, putting pressure on the LES (lower esophageal sphincter) which keeps the stomach juices from moving in the wrong direction (i.e. upward.) Whenever you overeat, whether it is a trigger food or not, you are more likely to get it and if you’re eating too much too often it may be what’s causing yours.

Spicy Foods: Heartburn

Foods that are overly spicy are pretty well known to be a trigger for heartburn, but oftentimes people disregard this when eating. Pretty much everyone loves spicy foods and they may not want to avoid them completely, but if you are a spicy food lover you may want to limit when you eat foods that are overly spicy, especially not too long before bedtime.

Fatty Foods

Foods that are loaded with fat are one of the biggest triggers because the fatty foods just act as fuel and make it so bad that you feel as if your chest is burning from the inside out. If you suffer from heartburn regularly it may be smart to stay away from fatty foods for a while to see if this is what’s causing it.

Late-Night Eating

Eating late at night is just a recipe for heartburn as your body is still digesting the food when you head off to bed, making the symptoms of heartburn even worse from a horizontal position. It is best to give your body at least 3-4 hours to digest your last meal before heading off to bed.


Foods with a great deal of citrus such as citrus fruits, drinks and so forth could be another trigger for what’s causing your heartburn. For those who suffer from it, it is smart to try and avoid foods with a lot of citrus or to limit them to a small serving once every few days.

Caffeinated Drinks: Heartburn

Drinks such as coffee, soda, energy drinks, tea, etc may be the cause of your heartburn. For many people caffeinated drinks are a part of their daily life from waking up in the morning with a good cup of coffee to a soda with their evening meal, but for some it may be helping to exacerbate heartburn issues that might have gone unnoticed otherwise.

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