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Make a Resolution For The Year

Yes it’s that time of year when we are ready to make a resolution that has been haunting you all of last year. Well maybe when we realize we didn’t keep them the previous year.

Its resolution time! What are your goals?

The time of year when we have the ability to start over with a clean slate. In reality we should be practicing positive things in our lives already and the New Year resolution is just a way to have the good fortune of experiencing life and its wonders once again. However, we understand that many like to say, “This is it! I am going to do it this year!” “It” being lose weight.

Healthy living is a challenge to many, frankly to the majority. So for those of you who are looking start the journey of living a healthier life this January and make a resolution, here are a few tips that have helped many achieve success!

Make a REALISTIC plan!

Baby steps…yes, slow and steady does win the race. Don’t say you are going to hit the gym every day if you really cant. Besides, working out everyday isn’t good for your body. Aim at 3 days at first, and gradually work your way to 5. Allow yourself 2 days of recovery and then get back on your schedule. If you can give it 30 minutes great! Remember even 10 minutes is better than no minutes. Remember when you make a resolution if you want to see result you have to stick with it.

Set REALISTIC goals!

If you’ve never been a size 2 and always a 12 chances are you are not going to be. Especially if you’re giving yourself 6 months worth of workout exercise to get fit! The numbers you should be focusing on are your internal numbers not your pant size. See your medical practitioner and get a check up first when you make a resolution. How is your cholesterol? Your blood pressure? Make those numbers your objective. Eventually your pant size will follow.

Find something you love- make a resolution

Zumba, cycling, yoga, walking, running, dancing. Allow yourself to have fun while your are working out. One of the biggest reasons people give up on their resolution they make is due to boredom. Be consistently inconsistent. Shake this up and find something that keeps you wanting to do it! Wanting more!

Partner up-

find someone make a resolution also that will workout with you. A buddy system is very important for motivation and support. Surround yourself with people that are looking to achieve the same health & fitness goals you are. There is nothing worse than negative peer pressure!

Keep a journal: make a resolution

I love to write so this is easy for me. Not only is it therapeutic but it also reminds me of things I did or need to do. When you make a resolution be sure you are honest! If you ate a piece of cake, write down that you ate a piece of cake! Be true to yourself….always!

Make a meal plan

Aim at every Sunday writing your menu for the week. Not only will your weight benefit but so will your wallet. Visualize the market you are going to and write your shopping list accordingly. Stick to the ingredients you need for you meals and nothing extra.

Make healthy choices when eating & snacking.

Always keep healthy snacks on hand in single portions. This will help you avoid attacking the fridge/pantry when starved.

Eat balanced meals: make a resolution

Three main meals & two healthy snacks. Get that metabolism going by eating every 3 hours. ALWAYS practice portion control!

Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince, & dinner like a Pauper…

no, not an original quote but love it nonetheless!

Final Thoughts

Drink plenty of water, meditate regularly, breathe, and enjoy the your resolution Journey!

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