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Workout Supplements for Men – Buyers Guide

workout supplements for men

Most workout supplements for men you find in stores are filled with a lot of hype and misleading benefits. Unlike the food industry, there are no rules and regulations in the supplement industry. Over the last few years, the FDA has been cracking down on workout supplements and has removed some of them from the market place. This happened after the FDA intervened, because of the lack of quality and standards. However, there are still a lot of questionable powders and pills that turn out to be bogus. Ever given a thought to whether the supplements you are taking are genuine or even helping with your fitness goals? Well, to address this, we have come up with a list of effective and non-effective workout supplements for men.

Workout Supplements For Men (What Works and What Doesn’t)?

Effective Workout Supplements to Consider

Protein Powder

Protein is essential for the human body. It is crucial for almost everything our muscles, brain, and even nerves need to function. It also contributes towards muscle growth, energy restoration, and the body’s ability to fight infections. It strengthens our body from inside and outside by supporting our immunity. Naturally, you can get protein from dietary elements such as poultry, chicken, or beef. However, protein powder is an easy and quick way to help build muscle by adding a scoop to your protein shake. One of the most commonly used protein powders is Whey protein, which can be found at any nutrition store or even your local grocery store. Just beware of the “guarantees” to get massive muscles. Only hard work in the weight room and a healthy diet will get you there. Workout supplements for men can help in your nutrition routine, but keep your expectations reasonable.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is another appreciated workout supplement for men by fitness enthusiasts globally. This works well when you are looking for impressive muscle growth. It was said that it contributed to kidney damage, but over the years this myth was debunked. In fact, creatine is famous for accelerating muscle growth and improving brain function. This substance occurs naturally in the human body and is found in meat, eggs, and dairy products. It helps with overall cellular function of the body and dramatically helps to improve athletic performance. It prepares your body for high-intensity training and enhances body strength. It is popular among bodybuilders, professional athletes, and gym-goers who train hard.

Fish Oil

Another popular workout supplements for men with a lot of benefits is fish oil. It gives your body an adequate amount of Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy body functioning. It speeds up weight loss, helps in muscle recovery, and also boosts memory and overall cognitive performance. Fish oil accelerates the breakdown of protein in the body and reduces stress and inflammation. We advise you to take this supplement after your workout routine. It is a good substitute when you are not getting enough omega-3 fatty acids through nuts, seeds, and fish. Fish oil is rated as one of the best supplements for men to take for overall health. 


Majority of performance enhancers and weight loss supplements include caffeine as the main component. The reason is that it boosts body strength and improves muscle endurance. It improves one’s overall anaerobic performance and helps athletes stay focused and alert. Just make sure that it is 400mg or under which is equal to two cups of coffee. If you don’t like to take pills, your morning cup of joe can provide you with a little boost to enhance your workout.


Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid serving many functions in the human body. It is naturally present in our body and also commercially available as capsules or powders. For commercial purpose, the glutamine supplement is made through a fermentation process involving bacteria. It is critical for our immune system and equally crucial for maintaining good intestinal health. While you can have glutamine through your diet taking it as a supplement also ensures optimal health. The primary purpose of glutamine is it act as a building block for proteins. It is a workout supplements for men that improves athletic performance and maintains muscle mass. So if you train really hard your body will need extra glutamine. Otherwise, you will simply burn muscle cells while exercising as your body can’t access glycogen stores quickly. Glutamine further helps create a positive nitrogen balance in the body and significantly improves the body’s ability to use available protein.


While you workout hard in the gym, exploring the world of the right workout supplements for men will do you good. One supplement that is good to look at is citrulline. Like glutamine, this is also a non-essential amino acid that boosts our immune system. It helps improves heart and blood vessel health. This supplement is becoming very popular among fitness enthusiasts who want to improve exercise performance. It occurs naturally in the body but also present in some food items. Few of the food items that contain citrulline include watermelons, gourds, cucumber, pumpkins, and cantaloupe. This supplement is good for the body as it improves nitric oxide production. As a result, this enhances the blood flow and keeps the blood pressure in check. There are two major dietary citrulline supplements available. One is L-citrulline, and the other is Citrulline malate. While L-citrulline is the citrulline itself, citrulline malate is a combination of citrulline and malate. This is usually found in sports supplements responsible for energy production.

Supplements to Avoid

Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters are not only expensive, but they are very ineffective. Sure, it is hard to miss those catchy print advertisements that lure people into purchasing testosterone boosters by posting pictures of men with great physiques. But, little do people know, that it is nothing but a scam. In reality, these workout supplements for men aren’t proven to boost testosterone and the FDA has even warned about the dangers of testosterone supplements. There are pharmaceutical treatments to treat medical conditions like hypogonadism or low T. But over-the-counter “boosters” that men often turn to for enhanced performance in the gym and bedroom just don’t work. Plus there are many unpleasant side effects such as sleep disorders and acne or other skin reactions.

Pre Workout supplements

Don’t fall for fancy marketing, instead look at the ingredient list of these workout supplements for men. We bet you won’t be able to figure out the names and neither can your instructor. While this may be the new craze right now ask yourself if you don’t know what’s inside should you be consuming it?  We think its a waste of money. Instead of spending money on these pills, we recommend you follow a healthy diet plan. Though the market does have a few effective pre-workout supplements which are a combination of creatine and caffeine. If you are already having those supplements, you can skip this one.


Multivitamins have long been popular to improve the quality of life for men and women. But a few studies show it is mostly a waste of money. Annals of Internal Medicine, published an editorial where researchers collected evidence through three studies. The research was to determine the potential benefits of multivitamins on a person’s overall health. The results showed that multivitamins had no beneficial effect on heart health, cancer, or even premature death. So, while it may not be harmful to your body unless you are vitamin deficient it doesn’t provide any notable advantages.  

Supplement Shopping Guide Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t go for workout supplements for men with bad reviews. People have voiced their opinions for a reason, so trust the reviews and keep your distance. Don’t get tempted by the false promises the product makes. To find which supplement gives beneficial results read about it online and check what people are posting. You will find all your answers there. It is possible the product works for a few people and doesn’t work for some. But, if you find a long list of complaints and poor star ratings that’s your clue.
  • A lot of pre-workout supplements contain artificial sweeteners. These can wreak havoc on your diet and fitness plan. Just to be safe, check the ingredients thoroughly in your supplement before buying. And, if the main ingredients read aspartame and sucralose, it means artificial sweetener is present. So, you know what not to buy.
  • Avoid supplements that state “Proprietary blends,” that is code for secret ingredients and you can trust us, that’s not worth the gamble.

Supplements, no matter good or bad, workout supplements for men are not substitutes for your food. Taking supplements doesn’t mean you should skip having your meals. The supplements are just an additional help to ensure your body is packed with essential nutrients in case it’s falling short. Using your judgment instead of trusting blindly on any advertisement before buying supplements gather information about it. Ask experts or consult medical practitioners about how genuine the claims are.

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