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Best Hiking Vacation Destinations in the World

Hiking Vacation Destinations

One great way to plan for a vacation after a busy week is to go for hiking in places you’ve never been to. There are ample hiking vacation destinations around the world where you can experience wonderful scenery and enjoy nature and new places.

Best hiking vacation destinations

• Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Mountains are located in the eastern United States. The great Appalachian Trail also known as the AT spans 3,505 kilometer or 2,178 miles from Georgia all the way up to Maine. It is said to be one of the first National Scenic Trails and one of the longest in the United States. A thru hike from start to finish will take most hikers months to complete Hiking Vacation Destinations.

• The West Coast Trail

located in Vancouver Canada it is said to be one of the top rated hiking trails in the world. The 121 kilometer trail is part of the Pacific Rim National Park. There are designated camping areas and is open for visitors from May thru September annually. Along the way you will get to enjoy waterfalls to bogs, forests to beaches and wildlife that is truly breathtaking for a Hiking Vacation Destinations.

• Monte Fitz Roy

Also known as Cerro Chaltén is a hiking destination located in the Patagonia region of South America. It has an average of 64 kilometers or 40 miles and takes roughly 7 days to complete the whole trek. You will see glaciers, lakes, and mountains along the way. During daytime you will experience dull, grey and bleak color but during sunset you will get to experience wonderful tinges of orange and red surroundings on your Hiking Vacation Destinations.

• Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

This magnificent hiking destination is one of the highest rated hiking trails in the world. It is located in Peru and made up of three trails: Mollepata, Classic and One Day. The Classic Inca trail is roughly a two day hike and it leads to the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu which served as a royal estate populated by the Inca back in the 15th century. The route of this majestic trail runs high in Andes Mountains and is a highly recommended hiking vacation destination.

• Mount Everest Base camp is at the top of our list for hiking vacation destinations.

Appropriately so since it is the highest peak in the world. It takes 2 weeks to finish the journey and the starting point is in Lukla, Nepal. This is one of the most dangerous and prestigious hikes. Many deaths have been recorded by hikers whose bodies could not handle the extreme conditions. If you are lucky enough to traverse to the top of the summit you will catch the breathtaking view and the flags of many other proud hikers who have braved the elements in effort to climb Mt. Everest.

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