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Five Ways to Be a Better Public Speaker

Five Ways to Be a Better Public Speaker

How to be a better public speaker, Public speaking is something that we all do now and then whether you realize it or not; the presentation that you give at work, the best man speech at your friend’s wedding or that loan presentation to the local bank. Being able to speak in public is one of the best things that you can improve to increase your chances at success in life whether it is for your professional or social life. Here are 5 ways to be a better public speaker that will help you convey your point better than ever.

Five ways to be a better public speaker

1. Don’t Make it Too Long or Too Short

Speaking publically means that you are in front of a group of people, trying to convey a point or convince a group/person to see things your way. To do that you have to keep them interested and make a long winded speech is a sure fire way to lose their interest long before you get to the point. The same can be said of a speech that is too short… a short speech lacks adequate information and keeps you from sufficiently catching your audience’s attention and persuading them to see your point of view. Find the balance and you will find your speech improves by leaps and bounds. Be a better public speaker

2. Engage Every Audience Member

Whether you are speaking to just two people or a room filled with people, engaging each of your audience members should be a priority. If the group is small enough make eye contact with every person and convey that you are to them personally to ensure a more personal interest in their thoughts and opinions. If the group is large and you are unable to make eye contact with them all, make sure to engage eye contact with as many as you can and try to carefully arrange your body so that you are facing toward each section of the room throughout the speech. This will allow you to give a more personal speech that fills less like a speech in front of hundreds of people and more like talking to a small group of friends. be a better public speaker

3. Keep Your Energy Up

Nobody likes a boring speaker who lacks energy; it just makes up feel sleepy and want to find something for engaging to watch and listen to. You don’t need to jump around and scream your head off, but keep moving, smiling, making eye contact and using your whole body to talk with. Let your voice be an infusion of energy as well, making sure to convey excitement and confidence as you speak.

4. Be Confident as a Public Speaker

For many of us speaking in public is a horrible fear, but just because you’re afraid of it doesn’t mean you can’t be confident. If you know your speech topic well, if you are convinced of your overall opinion of the topic and you are willing to give it your full effort, being confident in giving the speaker should be a cakewalk. Conveying confidence is a great way to instill certainty to your audience; allowing you to better convince and sway their opinion to your cause.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Many people who speak in public do so after having practiced their speech multiple times. This allows them to not only get comfortable with the subject matter, but to be able to get through the speech without having to refer to notes more than once or twice. Doing so allows you to engage the audience more and convey confidence in the topic at hand.

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