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How to Make Yourself Happy With These Tips

5 Secrets to Make Yourself Happy

Secrets to make yourself happy. Happiness means different things to different people but everyone wants to know how to get there. It turns out that there are some simple and effective ways to make yourself happy now without any pills or seminars. Just a few adjustments can do wonders for you.

5 Secrets to make yourself happy

Get More Sleep

Lack of sleep has become a badge of honor for many people. Unfortunately the prize is chronic fatigue, memory loss, weakened immune system and even cardiovascular problems. Sleep deprivation also makes you more emotionally sensitive. When you lose sleep the hippocampus doesn’t work properly. That’s the part of the brain that processes positive memories while the amygdala processes negative memories. So people who don’t get enough sleep recall gloomy memories better than pleasant ones.


You don’t have to spend hours in the gym. Working out for as little as seven or even 10 minutes can do wonders in making you happy. Those endorphins kick in, giving you a feeling of euphoria. Research showed those who exercised regularly but not necessarily on the day they were tested still maintained a level of happiness. So move your body.

Make Time for Family & Friends

Not spending more time with family and friends is one of the top death-bed regrets. People are happy when they have family and friends and social time is extremely important to overall happiness. For men specifically, social relationships were significant predictors of late-life adjustment. That means that more than nine out of 10 men who had close relationships when they were younger tended to thrive in their sixties and beyond.

Go Outside: make yourself happy

Parents admonish children for sitting in front of the computer and not going outside. It turns out, they have a point. Just 20 minutes outside in good weather boosts mood, improved memory and opened the mind. Those 20 minutes could be a quick lunch break or your commute.

Plan Pleasure

The act of planning a vacation, not necessarily taking one, can boost your happiness. The fact that you’re mentally preparing for your vacation and the anticipation boosted happiness for week. Even something as simple as anticipating watching your favorite movie increases endorphin levels by almost 30 percent.

In addition to these five activities, a simple, but sometimes not-so-easy, act of meditation clears your mind and leaves you with a sense of calm and contentment for the long term This requires practice and is different for everyone but if you’re interested in becoming clearer, more focused and happier, it’s worth the practice

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