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Irish Whiskey: The Beginners Guide

Irish Whiskey

For all the good reasons, Irish whiskey is always connoisseur’s a favorite. It is manufactured mainly on the island of Ireland using several grains, but, primarily barley. Making the best one in Ireland goes through a predefined process under a controlled system to obtain the desired flavor. Single malt is generally very flavorsome and tasteful along with other variants. It is one of the most common favorites and most popular amongst beginners is Jameson. However, there are many other Irish whiskey reviews out there and other brands that are amazing and equally worth trying. One can debate between Irish whiskey versus scotch, but, it depends on taste and preference.

Here are some of the best Irish whiskey for the money:

Powers Gold Label

Powers whiskey merchandise is already very popular along with the availability of Powers whiskey on Amazon. It has gained popularity in recent times with its variety called Powers three swallow whiskey. It is reminiscent of Jameson as it comes from the same distillery, but, it is different in its own way. Powers Gold Label is one of the best Irish whiskeys due to the greater nuance and richer taste than Jameson with stronger wheat and grains. It also has honey and fruity notes to it. Another perk, it is cost effective and equally good.

Kilbeggan Traditional Irish Whiskey

Kilbeggan is the oldest permitted distillery in Ireland. It has a yellow gold color, which is brighter than its counterparts. Not to mention, Kilbeggan is one of the best in this league as it has a grainy smell that reminds us of cereal sweetness and toffee. The best Irish whiskey for the money, it has added vanilla and nuttiness. Coupled with the fact that it tastes peppery and woody and feels fresh.

Knappogue Castle

There is a special Knappogue Castle whiskey distillery tour to understand how special whiskey is. Equally important, it is affordable, smooth, and good enough to stand out among some of the traditional Irish whiskeys. Furthermore, Knappogue Castle 12 is special reserve with almond, honey, biscuit, and spicy flavor notes. Knappogue Castle is distilled in the Northern Ireland distillery. Secondly, it is a single malted whiskey that features a mix of malted and unmalted barley. Also, it has many fruity flavors and is bright in color. So what’s not to love about it?

Powers John Lane

Powers John Lane has a wide variety of vintages and the most famous are the Yellow Spot and Green Spot. Undoubtedly one of the best one, this is what they call a “Single Pot Still.” It is known for its smoothness and bursts of fruit, flowers, vanilla, and fresh wood notes. The robust scent of Irish whiskey emerges with the smells of nutmeg, dense honey, dried apricots, and brown sugar. The first taste of coconut is followed by caramelized sugars, candied nuts, gingerbread, spice cookies, and chewy nougat. The range of flavors is so good that the distillery has a line of Powers Whiskey Merchandise that is a right of passage for real Irish Whiskey lovers.

Redbreast 12 Year Old

Redbreast 12 old-fashioned was the award winner of “Overall Irish Whiskey of the Year” at the 2013 esteemed Awards. It is the perfect blend smooth, warm and sweet. It is light on the pocket with the perfect kick of spice and is one of the most popular on the market. Redbreast 12 cask strength is a single pot and triple distilled whiskey which has a pleasant grassy note. It has a wide range of flavors from rain to grape juice. The finish is smoother and stays longer than Jameson.

How to serve Irish whiskey:


Irish Whiskey neat

There are many ways on how to drink Irish whiskey. However, one of the most popular ways to drink it is on the rocks, which gives the experience of drinking neat pegs. Many people like their pegs neat and without any added flavor. However, you can add high-quality ice to your whiskey to ensure that the alcohol does not envelope your taste.

Irish Coffee

One of the key ingredients of Irish coffee is its famous whiskey. Baileys is one of the best Irish whiskey’s which is coffee flavored. There are many opinions on how to drink Irish whiskey with coffee. Anyone pairing liquor with coffee automatically thinks of baileys and for good reason. You can even top it with cream to get a real authentic Irish Coffee taste.

Drambuie – Honey and Spice

Irish Whiskey with honey and spices

In the cold month, many people mix their Irish whiskey with honey and blend of herbs and spices. Drambuie as it is known, is the best way to enjoy rainy days and cold weather. It is blended Irish whiskey and scotch that sweet and balanced flavor Drambuie does not drown the original flavors out. According to many Drambuie reviews, it is one of the best ways to drink Irish whiskey.

There are many Irish whiskeys in 2019 that are upcoming and evolving. The best one of the year come in a variety of tastes and range. If you are thinking of experimenting with various Irish whiskeys, you can go through the numerous online reviews. Jameson is the most extensive choice in the category for beginners that gives value for your money.

Along with Jameson and Bushmills there are numerous other variants on the shelf that need tasting. So, you can have the best of Ireland without even going across the pond. The recipes for a hot cocktail or served chilled on the rocks. For all the Irish Whiskey Connoisseurs it is best to start with the line-up of the best Irish whiskey for the money.

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