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Quit Smoking: Can Vaping Really help

quit smoking

If you are a smoker, there must have been several instances when you promised yourself you would quit smoking. It might have a new year resolutions or after a health scare. Or maybe after a fitness epiphany. Whatever the reason might be, the determination is generally short lived. It might be a day when you let your guards down and your weakness takes over. And suddenly you feel like a cigarette will help with your stress and tension. Or a colleague lights up a cigarette and you are hit by the sudden urge to just smoke one. It’s almost a overwhelming feeling only smokers can understand.

Why quit smoking?

Smokers already know that their habit is chipping away at their health every single day. And they are better off without it. No one is ignorant of smoking and we all know what can happen. However, there are rumors about how vaping can help you quit smoking. A vaporizer is an e-cigarette which provides you with the same experience as smoking a cigarette. However, the verdict is still out whether or not it is just another substitute to be dependent on, or helps you quit smoking cigarettes.

What is Vaping?

Simply put, vaping is an inhaling and exhaling vapor produced by an e-cigarette. The term vaping is used because general e-cigarettes do not contain any nicotine but rather a kind of water vapor. Vaping has developed a rising popularity with the rise of e-cigarettes. A vaping device generally consists of a mouthpiece, a battery, a cavity to contain the e-liquid. While using the device the battery warms up the heat in the component which turns the liquid into vapor. This is then held in the lungs and then exhaled. The liquid used in the vaporizer can be housed in different products as per one’s liking. However, it does not contain nicotine.

The grey area around vaping and quit smoking!

While the authorities have not yet approved vaping as a tool for putting an end to your smoking habit, there are several testimonials from people who stand by it. The reactions have been quite intense with hashtags like #vapingsavedmylife doing the rounds with some passionate people on records claiming how vaping helped. There are some researchers that support the use of vaping as a tool to stop smoking. A particular study exhibits a strong connection between vaping and quitting cigarette smoking. However, on the other hand, there are several instances where vaping has just aggravated the addiction or shifted it to a different level, thereby leading to no real positive results.

Things you should consider before you get into vaping.

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  • Usage of a vaporizer is not something that the FDA approves. There are several FDA approved nicotine replacement options; however, they go through a rigorous approvals before they even make it to market. It is hard to believe that the e-cigarette, which still includes nicotine, can do very well as a smoking cessation device.
  • Vaping is by no doubt a lot less harmful option than traditional cigarettes. While a regular cigarette contains 7000 chemicals most of which are toxic, Using an e-cigarette means usage of a lot less chemical and the vapor emitted is water vapor, making it a somewhat safer option.
  • Being less harmful does not mean that wee vaping is good for your health in any means. It is still smoke and you are still taking in toxic substances even if it is by a lower degree. Also vaping can raise your blood pressure and raises your adrenaline which in turn increases your heart rate.  This, as a result, increases your chances for a heart attack.
  • There might be some instances e-cigarettes help in quitting traditional smoking, it is also a strong chance that the person trying to quit ends up being a dual user, meaning they smoke both e-cigarettes and conventional cigarettes. Another possible outcome is that the person replaces the dependency on traditional cigarettes with the dependency on the vaporizer. This just means that you replace one addiction for another.
  • The research done in favor of vaporizers is incomplete and inept to support any claims that they can be successfully used as a nicotine substitute. There is a lot of ambiguity surrounding the debate, and there are doubts and concerns. So it is a debate which does not really ends up with a clear end decision.

The truth is pretty self-explanatory. If you are looking to quit smoking, there is no easy way to do it. It is essential to understand that your body is in a very vulnerable position when you are trying to quit an addiction.  Any hacks or replacements can end in the body being confusing and create a dependency for the new substitute. If you want to try vaping for fun, if you are not a smoker, you might give it a try. However, it still contains nicotine that you are still inhaling, so using it as a  tool to quit smoking may not be the best way to quit.

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