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Sushi: Man’s Complete Guide for Etiquette


Here are man’s guide for sushi 7 etiquette tips. With this man’s guide for sushi you are sure to behave properly even if you are in the presence of important businessmen, politicians, dignitaries or anyone else you may be dining with.

Man’s guide for sushi 7 etiquette tips

1. Kneeling

If you are dining at a restaurant with traditional seating, it is customary to kneel at the table. This also goes for when you are in the home of another and they have traditional seating.

2. Regarding Soy Sauce

Do not pour your soy sauce onto your rice. That is one way to look like an inexperienced sushi eater. The rice is meant to be enjoyed as it is, so just dig in without dousing your rice. If you have sashimi, you may dip it into the soy sauce. Also, do not mix wasabi into your soy sauce, it just looks tacky.

3. Not Sure What to Get? Place an Omakase-Style Order!

Omakase is a great way to order sushi. It means leaving it up to the chef to select what you shall dine on. Sushi chefs regularly reserve their best and freshest fish for customers who order omakase-style. You may find yourself with a house specialty or two if you allow the chef to select your sushi for you in such a way.

4. Eat All of Your Rice

Cleaning your plate is the proper thing to do, even if it means embarrassing yourself a bit with your chopsticks. Finishing every bit is a compliment to the chef and it also shows respect for Japanese culture, which has a reputation of shirking any inklings of wastefulness.

5. Do Not Pour Your Own Drink

This man’s guide to sushi can help you to discern the rules to pouring the large bottle of alcohol that has been placed on your table. You should take the bottle and pour drinks for others that you are dining with, but do not pour your own. Instead, when you have finished pouring everyone else’s glass place the bottle on the table and you can be sure that someone else will pour you a glass so you can join in the toast.

6. Do Not Hand Sushi Over From One Pair of Chopsticks to Another Pair of Chopsticks

This is just considered uncouth. When deceased persons are cremated in Japan, it is customary to pass bones in this way from one pair of chopsticks to another pair of chopsticks. If someone hands you sushi with chopsticks, simply offer them your plate to place the sushi upon so you can pick it up to eat it by yourself.

7. Do Not Stick Your Chopsticks Into Your Rice and Leave Them There sushi

This is another tip for this man’s guide to sushi that relates to a Japanese custom for the dead. When Japanese persons visit the grave of an ancestor it is at times customary to leave a bowl of rice for them with chopsticks sticking out of it. So therefore do not do it in a restaurant, as others will regard it as a bad omen.

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